NE:Tech - January 2020

Public group

The CTRL Pad

Low Friar Street · Newcastle Upon Tyne

How to find us

First Floor The GATE Newcastle NE1 5TG Parking at the Gate is £2.50 from 6pm till 10pm 7 mins walk from the Central Station. Metro Stations: The gate is almost equidistant from St James and Monument.

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To kick off the new year, NE:Tech will be hosted by The CTRL Pad. Located in The Gate in the centre of Newcastle, The CTRL Pad offers a gaming lounge packed with retro and bang up-to-date games and setups. After talks have taken place, we'll have full use of the place to ourselves where you can indulge with over 200 games going back over 30 years across consoles including Sony PS4, PS3, PS2, PS1, Nintendo Switch, Wii U, Wii, GameCube, N64, Snes, Xbox and Sega Dreamcast, plus HD Low lag monitors and HDTVs.

Thanks to our sponsor
Scott Logic

Please welcome your speakers:
Bartosz Jedrzejewski, Technical Principal @ Scott Logic
* The Journey to DevOps
* Basic experience required
* Tags: Delivery and Process

I will talk about the meaning of DevOps and a practical way teams can embark on the journey to adopting the mindset and practices. The talk is based on my experience introducing DevOps to people and organisations over the past three years.

About Bartosz
Follow @e4developer

I am passionate about working with people and changing the world through technology. I am excited about DevOps and the future of "serverless" computing. You can read my thoughts on and the Scott Logic blog (


Steven Waterman, Graduate Developer @ Scott Logic
* Solving Minesweeper in Polynomial Time
* Basic experience required
* Tags: Development / Writing Code

'A talk written before learning that minesweeper is NP-Complete'

By modelling minesweeper as a set of constraints, we can reveal new information by looking at how they interact with each other. Brief explanation of minesweeper, followed by explanation of constraints and how they can interact with each other, then audience participation to do a game of minesweeper as a group.

About Steven
Github: stevenwaterman

Fresh out of Uni, I started my journey in the world of work and was shocked to discover a distinct lack of hacky code and disgusting bodges! Come with me, let us explore a land where there's no such thing as a best practices - a place where exponential runtime is implied, and the real question is "why not?"


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