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The CTRL Pad

Low Friar Street · Newcastle Upon Tyne

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First Floor The GATE Newcastle NE1 5TG Parking at the Gate is £2.50 from 6pm till 10pm 7 mins walk from the Central Station. Metro Stations: The gate is almost equidistant from St James and Monument.

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The 71st day of the Gregorian calendar (12th March) is not only Aaron Eckhart’s Birthday (who played the supervillain Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight), but also the date of the NE:Tech March meetup. Last month brought us excellent talks by Colin Eberhardt and Stephen Powers and March is set to not disappoint with a superb talk from Leigh Rathbone and a surprise for the NE:Tech community.

Please welcome your speakers:
Leigh Rathbone, Test Principal @ The Very Group
* The future of tech, and the role of the mobile phone
* Intermediate experience required
* Tags: Tech, Mobile Phone, Future

This is a slight re-work of a talk I've given last year at around 15 events. I'll bring to life my journey through tech, and why I do that is I predict what tech is going to look like in the future, the role of the mobile phone, and what skills will be needed in order to survive.

A little about Leigh:
I've been in tech for 21+ years now, worked at 10 different companies, across 10 different industries. I love tech, I love thinking about how building and testing code in the future will challenge us. I'm a family man, and for my sins I'm also an Aston Villa fan - I must have done something really bad in a previous life. By the time I come and talk, Villa will have gotten battered at Wembley by Man City. I have two kids, they are my world, and I love real ale. I used to do live beer reviews on Facebook, live, but they just got too messy. I'm a believer of self development, and its a key driver in my life. I dislike people that judge others, without knowing the life they've had.


Mark Jose, Organiser @ NE:Tech
* Something cool for NE:Tech members
* Tags: NE:Tech

It's super top secret!

Save the date!

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As always, NE:Tech will be hosted by The CTRL Pad which can be found in The Gate in the centre of Newcastle. The fantastic gaming lounge is packed full of everything from retro games through to the latest and greatest games and setups.

Free drinks, pizza and vegan alternatives will be provided during the event. After the talks, we’ll have full use of The CTRL pad to ourselves where you can enjoy over 200 games going back over 30 years across consoles including Sony PS4, PS3, PS2, PS1, Nintendo Switch, Wii U, Wii, GameCube, N64, Snes, Xbox and Sega Dreamcast plus HD low lag monitors and HDTV’s.

Big thanks to our sponsor
Scott Logic


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