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July NE:Tech meetup

We've been away for a few months, some might say "isolating". We hope you're all safe and well. Over the past few months we've talk long and hard about hosting our meetups online. The ethos of NE:Tech has always been about that face-to-face social interaction that becomes impossible when we're all remote. This has been the key driver in cancelling our monthly events so far. However, we said a few months ago that we had arranged a very special speaker for the summer (Not taking anything away for all of the great speakers we've had in the past). With that said, we'd like to announce we'll be starting our meetups online from July by welcoming the legendary Jon Skeet to the microphone.

With community in mind, this meetup will be hosted on Discord. The link to the "Monthly Meetup" channel is included in this invite. We're also maintaining a Discord community in a "drop-in drop-out" capacity on Discord, feel free to join us for a chat whenever you feel the urge. In these remote times we hope this offers a safe space for us talk tech.

Please welcome your speaker:

Jon Skeet
Staff Development Platform Engineer @ Google

Crash, bang, wallop: miscellaneous lessons from exploring a drum kit

In the summer of 2019 I bought an electronic drum kit. I'm thoroughly enjoying playing it (badly) but I've spent even more time talking to the kit over a USB MIDI connection, in an application which allows you to load, edit and save the drum kit configuration. Personal projects are always fertile grounds for learning and reflecting, unburdened by deadlines and other external forces. This session looks at specific aspects of the (C#) code - particularly mutability and efficiency - but more importantly, it reflects on the nature of personal projects and how we can use them to become more effective in our professional coding lives.

Jon Skeet is a Staff Developer Platform Engineer at Google, working on Google Cloud Platform client libraries for .NET, based in the London office. That's the theory, anyway. Most of the time he works from his shed instead - particularly with Coronavirus shutting offices, of course. He's best known for contributions to Stack Overflow as well as his book, C# in Depth. Additionally he is the primary maintainer of the Noda Time date/time library for .NET. Outside of software, Jon is a committed Christian, and enjoys theatre (particularly musical theatre, playing board games, and spending time with his amazing family.


Big thanks to our sponsor
Scott Logic


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