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this is a group for parents (and people starting on the path to parenthood soon) to discuss and share ideas about revolutionary parenting methods that seek to raise a different kind of children for the next generation, ones who value collaboration, compassion, and enthusiasm over competition, criticism and dogma. this encompasses the intersection of lots of things, but starts with RIE and includes gentle parenting concepts from a variety of sources, all aimed at accepting emotion, trusting children, and never shaming. this meetup aims to provide a place you can find a like-minded community of folks who can share the parenting journey, from planning pregnancy & birth, parenting styles, creating shared learning and play environments for our kids, etc., and trying to create better versions of ourselves as we become and grow as parents.

to sum up as briefly as possible what all the parenting philosophies we embrace have in common: behave with gentleness, respect, and compassion, and never make a kid feel shamed or evaluated, ESPECIALLY when they're sharing their feelings. you never ascribe specific motives to their actions (ask them!), and then sincerely listen and accept what you hear without judgment. children learn to be good people naturally, organically, not through us asking or demanding it of them (which often slows down or distracts from the real learning). you put the relationship first. a good test of "is this an appropriate way of responding to my kid" is to ask yourself, would i think it appropriate to say to a dinner guest or a good friend? (so you don't ever give yourself permission to say rude things that pass for parenting, like a scornful "why can't you ever remember your umbrella?!" instead of simply, "oops, almost forgot this; here ya go."). let's work together as a community of like-minded parents, to decode our own behaviors, increase our effectiveness at being the parents we want to be, and helping each other problem-solve as we go.

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