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Welcome younger persons (20-45 years old), from the curious to the experienced, interested in exploring alternative lifestyles including open relationships, swinging, and group play. We focus on social gatherings as well as interactive events/parties. We hope to build a comfortable community in the NEO area full of friends and like-minded people who enjoy having fun with good long nights ;)

We will host lifestyle parties to make new friends, socialize, have fun, and make memories with like-minded persons. Even if you are new or just interested in being a fly on the wall, these are the perfect learning opportunities that build comfort and see if it is for you. There is never any pressure to do what you do not feel like doing, all interactions are predicated on enthusiastic consent of all parties.

Events are currently planned around Cleveland, but (if local hosts are willing) events in other cities such as Columbus and Detroit are welcome!

**To create a balanced group, we have limited the spots open for single individuals, and at this time there are no more spots available for single males.**

Active Group Member Expectations:

1. You are required to have a profile picture that is clearly visibly yourself. Real names are not necessary (we respect your privacy), but we do need to know what you look like to recognize you at events. The group is set to private, and on approval, so nobody besides other group members can see you.

2. Do not message anyone directly unless you have prior consent, or have previously interacted with them. If someone messages you without provocation, please let an admin know and we will remove them from the group.

3. Our focus is on couples (including FWB and other relationship forms), and parties that have a balanced gender ratio. If you are single, please be courteous and bring a date. If you cannot find a partner to bring, please do not spam posts here.

4. This is intended to be a safe space for all members. At all times please be respectful of everyone's sexual orientation/interests and gender identity.

5. Be courteous to other members of this group. This pertains to single men more than all others. Anyone engaging in disrespectful behavior may be dropped from the group.

6. This group is alcohol friendly, but drinking is not a prerequisite to joining. Given the nature of this group, at parties there is the expectation and strong encouragement that all persons retain sufficient sobriety to give consent.

There will be some light vetting for any admin hosted parties. This includes an expectation of a recent STI test; everyone should know and properly disclose any relevant STI statuses to hosts and to potential partners before activities start. This is not meant to shame or exclude anyone with a positive test, but ho ensure that everyone can give informed consent to all actions taken at parties and otherwise. There may also be compatibility checks (as we do not want too many beginners with very experienced couples). Even though we do focus on couples and parties will be balanced as much as possible, single persons are allowed in the group. Try to be as active as possible. There will not always be room, but with enough active persons, we can have larger and more frequent events.

Our Group Ground Rules (posted at every admin-hosted event):

1. Consent is not just important--it is mandatory. No always means no in any way, here and after the event. Ask first and confirm you have a clear yes before proceeding.

2. Do not expect play from anybody--including your date. Do not hover around others or go into private areas without explicit consent from those involved.

3. We want a fun, comfortable, and welcoming atmosphere. Anyone being disrespectful, body shaming, crossing boundaries, etc., will be removed from the event and banned from the group. Do not be an asshole.

4. Clean up after yourselves. Some parties may be at someone's home or a hotel. Be kind to those staying behind and clean up the mess. Let's make it easier for everyone.

5. Keep the party polite: do not excessively drink at parties. While alcohol may be permitted, admin's do not generally condone the use of other substances. Keep these away from functions.

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