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This group will be focused on various folk dancing and folk music events within driving distance of Northeast Pennsylvania. My knowledge so far is mostly in Contra Dance, English Country Dance, and Square Dance. I would like to make this group open to these, and other styles of dance, along with folk & roots music of various regions, some like those associated with the above and other dances, or music performed by the common people of various times and places.

For the first month (January 2019), I will schedule 3 different Saturday evening Contra Dances. While different dance event locations are similar, they each have their own flavor. The first dance will be the closest, in Kingston. The second dance is one I haven't attended, and that is in Lewisburg. The third dance, is in Bethlehem. The difference between Kingston and Bethlehem is that Bethlehem has more dancers, and their mix of dances tends to be a bit more energetic than Kingston.

Contra dances are very welcoming, with a strong sense of community They are inclusive, and open to people of all backgrounds. Dress is usually casual. Almost all dances are alcohol and smoking free.

Many locations dance on hardwood floors, and therefore ask that anyone coming brings a clean pair of soft soled shoes to dance in. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask Darwin.

Darwin has danced in Kingston, Honesdale and Bethlehem Pennsylvania, along with several Locations in New England. He has danced on floors with as few as 8 other dancers, at a festival with over 300 people on the floor, and many sizes in between. He once even danced in a hall that has a weekly dance that has been going since the 1800s.

Along with this group, Darwin organizes Contra Dance Capital New Hampshire (most work done by co-organizers). a group in New Hampshire that promotes dozens of dance locations throughout the state of New Hampshire.

We look forward to expanding into other areas of interest to our members, so if you know of a venue or event, please let us know,.

Past events (2)

Contra Dance, Lewisburg, PA

Heiter Donald Community Center

Wyoming Valley Contra Dance

Church of Christ Uniting

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