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Are you more than curious about GNU/Linux and interested learning more about how to use this alternative to Windows and OSX with others who are similarly inclined? Are you someone that bought a $35 Raspberry Pi and don't know what you can do with it, but not afraid of learning how to use a command line? Are you mastered RHEL certified engineer and want to show off what you know to others working their way into the world of GNU/Linux? Well, this may be a Meetup group for you.

The plan right now is to get a group of LUGgers (the name is flexible) together 2x/month (starting probably in October 2018), probably in the Newton/Clarks Summit area in the evenings for ~1.5 hours to present on topics related to the command line and general GNU/Linux administration. We'll try to do two "sessions" each meeting:

1) "Something easy": a topic that is very purely command line related for ~20 minutes; i.e. basic file system commands like ls, mv, cp, pwd (this example would be collectively 1 session). The idea is that this first topic is concrete and usable to even beginners.

2) "Something hard": a topic that is more related to the theory of GNU/Linux administration (30-40 mins), and preferably pairs nicely with the first session. For example, presenting on the file system hierarchy, where config files are stored, file permissions discussion might pair well with the first session.

Beyond this, the meeting could be free-form to show and tell projects people are working on, seek help, or simply network (like, for career enhancement, but also for the Cisco-kind if you are that nerdy).

For my part, I'm working on coming up with a program for the first 6 meetings which I will post as I get this further developed. I am *NOT* an expert in GNU/Linux, so there will be plenty of opportunity to chime-in, heckle, throw rotten vegetables, etc.


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