.NET Bratislava Meetup #10

This is a past event

36 people went

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📍 Agenda:
• Introduction (5 min)
• Using Protocol Buffers in .NET (50 min)
• Break (10 min)
• Blazor (50 min)
• Networking in Daňovák

📍 Using Protocol Buffers in .NET by Ladislav Macejak
Presentation will introduced protocol buffers and the advantages that they can bring to an application. Protocol buffers are very well suited for micro service based architectures and are also used in gRPC framework

We will cover:
• Performance comparison between protocol buffers and competing protocols XML & JSON
• Syntax that is used to define messages to be used with protocol buffers
• Features and practices that allow messages to evolve without breaking older applications

📍 Blazor by Rasťo Novotný
It is predicted that WebAssembly will become big thing in 2019. And thus .NET is taking chance to run inside browser without any plugin required. Rastislav will present Blazor that is SPA framework built on .NET Standard and can run exclusively in browser.

Presentation will cover:
• Running .NET in WebAssembly
• Blazor pages and components (now ASP.NET Core components)
• Navigation and routing
• Dependency Injection
• Integration with JavaScript libraries
• Client and server-side modes
• Testing and debugging
• Future of Blazor

📍 Speakers:
• Ladislav Macejak is IT professional & Agile Clean Coder who spent last 20 years writing software and teaching about it, who considers IT not just as a job but also as a hobby.

• Rasťo Novotný is a software developer for more than 15 years with focus on .NET. He believes in DevOps practices and has strong interest in Microsoft Azure and Azure DevOps.