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Predicting future stock prices with F# and Azure

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F# is not a replacement, but a great complement for C#. Currently F# is used in many financial applications. Let’s see how we can predict future stock prices with power of F#, C#, and Azure Machine Learning. In this session I will show you how to build F# Backend for estimating future stock prices with Azure Machine Learning, how to create Web API powered by F# with Suave Framework, and how to consume it from your ASP.NET ( Core App with Front-End powered by Aurelia and D3.js.


Jakub Jedryszek works for Microsoft as Software Engineer. Currently he works on the Azure Portal – one of the largest and most advanced Single Page Web Application in the World written in TypeScript by over 500 developers. He is a founder of dotNetConfPL – online conference for .NET Developers. His blog is at (


6:30pm - Doors open / Pizza by TekSystems / Networking
7:00pm - News and announcements
7:10pm - Presentation
8:30pm - Wrapped Up

8:45pm -After-meeting social at Boardwalk restaurant (new place across form the Commons)


Please RSVP to attend. Bring your printed registration and show to volunteer at door. The volunteer will escort groups back to the meeting room.

15571 NE 31st St · Redmond, WA