Security in ASP.NET Core 2.0


ASP.NET ( Core has presented us with the opportunity to improve our security store, throw away or improve on the mistakes of the past. ASP.NET ( Core now has a new authentication and authorization stack and different ways to load balance cryptographic keys. This session takes you through the new features and walks you through building flexible authorization rules for your applications.


Barry Dorrans

Barry is the security PM for .NET and .NET Core, which means he gets to look at the framework, tools and template code, searching for potential insecurities and sometimes even fixing them.


6:30pm - Doors open / Networking
7:00pm - News and announcements
7:10pm - Presentation
8:30pm - Wrapped Up

8:45pm -After-meeting social at Boardwalk restaurant (new place across form the Commons - Requires MSFT Employee to volunteer to walk folks across)


Please RSVP to attend. Bring your printed registration and show to volunteer at door. The volunteer will escort groups back to the meeting room.