From HTTP Fundamentals to RESTFul APIs

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Let's get back to the basics. We all need to gain a profound and foundational understand of basic HTTP concepts like verbs, status codes and headers. From there we can learn how to make discover-able, intuitive and friendly RESTFul APIs that follow the spirit of the protocol. In this talk, we will blend the line between RESTFul services and the HTTP protocol.

Speaker: Keivan Beigi

Keivan has been working with server solutions for the past 12 years and front-end JavaScript apps for the past five years. He enjoys working on highly scalable and well instrumented distributes systems as well as complex client-side JavaScript applications. He has a Software Development and Architecture degree from George Brown and a MCTS certificate from Microsoft. On his free time, he wears many hats in a couple of different open-source projects. Specialities: Distributed Systems, Single-page applications, Continuous Integration and Delivery, Performance Optimisation, Tracing and Instrumentation.

Medhat Elmasry will be giving a 5 minutes talk on ASP.NET Core caching.