Design Principles with C# & TypeScript examples


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Topic: Design Principles with C# & TypeScript examples

Familiarity with object-oriented design principles helps us write loosely-coupled code, which is easier to maintain, change, and reuse. The Gang of Four Design Patterns provide canonical, battle-tested examples of those principles in action. While the presentation gives examples in C# and TypeScript, design principles are language agnostic: regardless of our software language of choice. As we increase our understanding of design principles, we also improve our ability as object-oriented software developers.

Speaker: Shaun Luttin

Shaun Luttin: Shaun received his Bachelor of Human Kinetics from the University of British Columbia. He then attended BCIT, where he wrote his first line of code and began a career in software. He is a Microsoft Certified Professional Developer and a Microsoft MVP in Visual Studio and Developer Technologies. In his spare time he runs a small sleight-of-hand club for youth in the Gulf Islands.