Scalable real-time web with ASP.NET Core SignalR


ASP.NET Core 2.1 is here and it includes the highly anticipated return of SignalR. ASP.NET Core SignalR is the updated version of the popular real-time ASP.NET framework that has been rewritten from the ground-up for the modern web.

Learn how to get started using SignalR to add real-time capabilities to ASP.NET Core applications and connect to them via WebSockets from browsers and devices. Then, with help from the new Azure SignalR Service, effortlessly scale out the application by changing a couple lines of code.

Finally, learn how to use Azure Functions and Azure SignalR Service to build serverless real-time applications in many languages including JavaScript, C#, Python, and Java.

Speaker: Anthony Chu

Anthony Chu is a Cloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft. He mainly writes code in C# and JavaScript, and specializes in serverless computing, containers, and other development and cloud technologies, including ASP.NET Core SignalR and Azure SignalR Service. Before joining Microsoft, Anthony held various roles as a software developer and architect in and around Vancouver.