AppGet Package Manager


Sponsors: Quartech are sponsoring the meeting room, snacks and drink.

Quartech Systems Ltd. is located on the 6th Floor, Renfrew Centre building at 2889 East 12th Avenue, Vancouver. Adjacent to Renfrew Skytrain Station (Main entrance is located next to Tim Hortons). Alternatively, there is 2 hour free street parking on the surrounding streets and paid parking available in the building parkade.

A representative from Quartech will be in the Lobby to greet our guests and provide access to the 6th floor.

Topic: AppGet Package Manager

We've all heard the buzz words. Microservices, serverless architecture, continuous integration and deployments, but what do they actually look like in the real world? In this talk I'll pop the hood of AppGet's server code and show you what makes it tick...literally (we have a tick microservice!). I'll talk about things we did that failed and things that didn't and what we learned from both.

We'll even do a live deployment and follow the bits from my laptop all the way to production.

About AppGet: AppGet ( is a moderated, open source package / application manager which focuses on security, automation and ease-of-use. You can Install or update over 800 applications using either command line or one-click install directly from the gallery. AppGet is what Windows Store wished it was :)

Speaker: Keivan Beigi

Keivan Beigi
Keivan has been working with server solutions for the past 15 years. He enjoys working on highly scalable, secure and well instrumented distributes systems as well as complex client-side JavaScript applications. He recently founded AppGet an open source package manager for Windows.

He has a Software Development and Architecture degree from George Brown and a MCTS certificate from Microsoft. On his free time, he wears many hats in a couple of different open-source projects. Specialties: Distributed Systems, Single-page applications, Continuous Integration and Delivery, Performance Optimization, Tracing and Instrumentation.