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NEW ENERGY TEACHING was created to educate and learn about New Energy Consciousness in 2020 and beyond. 2020 is the year where energy is booming. Many are feeling it and are looking for answers about why this is happening. This group will be an audio, visual, and open discussion. This will be a “FREE” format with donations accepted.

What is New Energy? We will explore subject matters pertaining to the Shift of Consciousness which happened 12/21/12. We will look at views concerning our relationship with living in this NEW ENERGY. What does it mean? How do we do it? What resources do we have to help us on our Spiritual Evolution journey living as humans in this NEW ENERGY?

Facilitator: Sheila Tillich

· Email: sheila@sheilatillich.com

· Website: https://www.sheilatillich.com (http://www.whitedovehealing.org/)



https://www.learniet.com/iet-sessions/find-a-practitioner/practitioner-profile/?id=1171 ; https://www.unityfieldhealing.com/practitioners

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