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Lord Hill, Suddenly.
You guessed it; another last minute meet up from our most impetuous co-organizer. But with a week's notice I hope a few people can make it to this unique location. This one will be at the world famous Lord Hill. As an open mining location in the White Mtn National Forest, this is a good site for the first timer. Though it is a "climber". I'd say it's about a 45-minute hike, but gradual, not strenuous, to the site. Some important things to bring: 1. Hammer, chisels, safety goggles, digging tools.. I like to have some work gloves; handling sharp rocks can rough up your mitts. Keep in mind you have to hike out what you want to keep, so a backpack is a must. A five gallon bucket may be cumbersome, but think of all the rocks you can fit!! 2. Water and lunch. 3. Bug repellent For a full list of minerals and some pictures here's the mindat link From the junction of ME 5 and ME 93 in Lovell, follow ME 5 North for 2.4 miles. Turn left onto West Lovell Road, proceed 2.7 miles. Bear left onto Foxboro Road, continue for 1.5 miles. Bear right onto a gravel road, proceeding North one mile. Below are directions from I-95 in Kittery. For the best route in current traffic visit And GPS coordinates to the parking site for any stragglers.. N[masked]/W[masked]

Lord Hill

Foxboro Rd · Lovell

Respond by: 6/2/2018

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I'm an inveterate rock hound: collecting, slabbing, tumbling, mineral collecting, and more to come as I learn...This group is for rock hounds (mutt and pedigree) who simply like rocks, learning more, sharing the wonders of shiny things with like minded rock-ophiles. We can explore collecting sites in New England together, go to the local rock and mineral shows and rock swaps here in New England, plan trips to the southwest and other hot rock areas, have presentations by group members on their own experiences and lovely specimens...I've worn out family and friends accompanying me to deserts, mountains, rivers, etc. while I sift through sands, bang rock walls with a sledgdhammer... This group is about finding people who are silly for rocks and want to share their own experiences with others....All ages and levels of experience welcome.

You might be a rockhound if you think road cuts are tourist attractions.
You might be a rockhound if you stand waiting by the sign that reads " WATCH FOR FALLING ROCK."
You might be a rockhound if your living room looks like an exhibit at the Smithsonian Museum.
You might be a rockhound if your screen saver on your personal computer features pictures of rocks.
You might be a rockhound if you find rocks when you empty your pockets at night.
You might be a rockhound if you have a two car garage and your 4WD pickup sets outside
You might be a rockhound if your thumbs are squashed flat from constantly hitting them with a rock hammer.
You might be a rockhound if you will dig a ten foot deep hole in 110 degree heat to find a walnut size agate and say you are having fun.
You might be a rockhound if you are invited to a party and you spend the time searching through the gravel in the host's flower bed.
You might be a rockhound if you think "Rock and Roll" has to do with a rock tumbler.
You might be a rockhound if a leg breaks off your furniture and you have the right size stone to replace it.
You might be a rockhound if your wife opens the dishwasher and yells your name.
You might be a rockhound if you're thrilled over what others ignore.
You might be a rockhound when you treat your rock saw like a classic car and restore it.
You might be a rockhound if you have never lost the love and wonder of life and the beauty of creation.


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