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Becoming a new manager or team lead in a tech company is not easy. Usually, one performs great as an individual contributor. That helps one to get to another level. And then, the issues begin.

The technical tasks were nice and neat. You knew what was needed to be done, you did it, and you quickly knew whether it was working or not.

Managing is not that straight-forward. There are a lot of interruptions, there is a lack of clarity, and sometimes burnout starts to set in.

Or even in the cases, where it is not that gloomy, rarely is there enough support and training to help adapt to this new profession (and yes - it’s a completely new profession).

This group is created specifically to give support during this difficult transition from a technical to a leadership role.

We will cover the topics which are challenging to people during this transition: delegation, emotional intelligence, leadership, managing expectations, difficult conversations, and so on.

Join us and avoid this bumpy ride!

Our rules:

- Confidentiality - we discuss the cases which include the errors we make or colleagues other people may know. So we don't share personal details from what people share.

- Psychological safety - we let people take risks and be vulnerable by having different opinions, by sharing their mistakes. We strive to have a dialogue.

Our Facebook group is at https://www.facebook.com/groups/1051466585240960/ Join there more for more interactive communication.

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