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The idea is to meet once a week. To produce an animated show that will air weekly on different platforms. If you are a professional, or a recent graduate, or a student, or even a hobbyist, you will definitely find your place in our group. You can participate only once, or in a regular basis. Or come in and out. There is total freedom in here. I have a perm staff ( including me) that will always welcome you. For each episode you get to produce you can use the credits and footage for your resume. If the show ends up in a big network, well.....then.... sky is the limit. This is your chance to be part of your own cartoon show. If you are an experienced professional tired of having a boss ( just like me), and tired of working on projects that you are not thrilled about, but you do it because they pay the bills , then maybe we can push a little further and have our own show sold to a network. You've made it to New York, you've made it to where you are now, this is your chance to have a team in your back to actually make it. See you!

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