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D5e D&D Adventurer's League, hosting an organized independent play experience in the North Fraser region of Maple Ridge and surrounding areas, west as far as Coquitlam, and east to Abbotsford.

Our goal is to create a documented, fair, easy to join D5E AL group that can sub in and out players as schedules shift (instead of requiring week to week attendance), with plans to complete both hardcover campaigns and accessory shorter DDAL/DDEP/CCC adventures.

Friendly to casual drop-in. New players encouraged.


DDAL - Official Rules (https://rpg.rem.uz/Dungeons%20%26%20Dragons/D%26D%205th%20Edition/Adventure%20League/S7%20-%20Tomb%20of%20Annihilation/ToA%20-%20Player%27s%20Guide%20v7.0.pdf)

DDAL - Death Curse (Season 7) (https://rpg.rem.uz/Dungeons%20%26%20Dragons/D%26D%205th%20Edition/Adventure%20League/S7%20-%20Tomb%20of%20Annihilation/DDAL%20-%20Death%20Curse%20ToA%20Player%20Primer%20v1.3.pdf)

DDAL - Faction Guide (Strongly Recommend a Faction) (https://rpg.rem.uz/Dungeons%20%26%20Dragons/D%26D%205th%20Edition/Adventure%20League/DDAL%20-%20A%20Guide%20to%20the%20Factions%20of%20Faerun.pdf)

DDAL - DM Guide (https://rpg.rem.uz/Dungeons%20%26%20Dragons/D%26D%205th%20Edition/Adventure%20League/S7%20-%20Tomb%20of%20Annihilation/ToA%20-%20Dungeon%20Master%27s%20Guide%20v7.0.pdf)

DDAL - DM Quests Instructions (https://rpg.rem.uz/Dungeons%20%26%20Dragons/D%26D%205th%20Edition/Adventure%20League/S7%20-%20Tomb%20of%20Annihilation/ToA%20-%20DM%20Quests%20Instructions%20v7.02.pdf)

DDAL - DM Quests (DMs are rewarded with character growth/items) (https://rpg.rem.uz/Dungeons%20%26%20Dragons/D%26D%205th%20Edition/Adventure%20League/S7%20-%20Tomb%20of%20Annihilation/ToA%20-%20DM%20Quests%207.02.pdf)

HEROFORGE MINIATURES (https://www.heroforge.com/)


• Central & Accessible Tracking: We track sessions & all characters using a read-only Google Sheet online, which documents XP, item certificates, downtime days, renown, and other rewards, attaching them to our Wizards of the Coast official DM DCI

• Google sheet is accessible to all players, so they may export their progress for use in other AL play environments

• No House Rules: We follow all official AL rules, such as PHB+1 rule for character generation sourcebooks, DM quests, and hardcover rules for travel survival, stealth, and supply purchases. Don't worry -- we help new players understand what these are, so first-timers are encouraged. We're not perfect: when in doubt we'll consult an official resource.

*exceptions: while we consider descriptive privileges of Character Backgrounds, we tend to treat background abilities as subordinate to class, race, and item abilities in terms of their effectiveness. This reduces the frequency of 'everything' characters who tend to spoil the general momentum & enjoyment for others.

• Minis on a Grid: The majority of our games utilize player character miniatures on a customized whiteboard-style grid that we provide (we're not picky on name-brand or series of mini, though we tend toward HeroForge). Minis on the grid allows for a more consistent and fair combat experience -- we find that Theatre of the Mind results in interpretation and in cases an undeserved character death.

• DMs & DM Quests: Our decentralized approach to DM recruitment and location promotes more DMs, greater session availability, and broader regional store presence. If you want to DM (and receive the worthwhile season DM quest rewards), ask us. We have only a few pre-requirements & guidelines.

• Deep Shelf of Content: We have purchased most content from Wizards of the Coast's Dungeon Master's Guild, allowing for over 35+ adventures, complete with printed maps and hand-outs.


Player's Handbook (PHB) (https://rpg.rem.uz/Dungeons%20%26%20Dragons/D%26D%205th%20Edition/Core/Player%27s%20Handbook.pdf)

Volo's Guide to Monsters (VGM) (https://rpg.rem.uz/Dungeons%20%26%20Dragons/D%26D%205th%20Edition/Core/Volo%27s%20Guide%20to%20Monsters.pdf)

Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide (SCAG) (https://rpg.rem.uz/Dungeons%20%26%20Dragons/D%26D%205th%20Edition/Core/Sword%20Coast%20Adventurer%27s%20Guide.pdf)

Xanathar's Guide to Everything (XGE) (https://rpg.rem.uz/Dungeons%20%26%20Dragons/D%26D%205th%20Edition/Core/Xanathar%27s%20Guide%20to%20Everything%20Deluxe.pdf)

*note, we do not own these resources and we encourage official purchases from Wizards of the Coast.

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