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GUEST SPEAKER: Dan Hermes, Xamarin MVP - Xamarin Navigation Patterns

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Xamarin Navigation Patterns

Dan Hermes, author of Xamarin Mobile Application Development (, talks about how to give your users what they need to get around your Xamarin app quickly, moving from screen to screen with confidence and ease. Menus, tappable icons, buttons, tabs, and lists all offer ways to navigate your app. Dan will discuss industry-standard approaches for tying an app’s screens together in elegant and usable ways called navigation design patterns, based upon the concepts in his new book. Here are the most common mobile UI navigation patterns used in Xamarin development:

 Hierarchical

 Modal

 Drill-down list

 Navigation drawer

 Tabs

 Springboard

 Carousel

Learn how to use these navigation patterns in Xamarin.Forms and how to approach them in Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.iOS. Moving between screens also requires passing data between them. Dan will talk about different ways to maintain state during navigation.

You will learn about how to:

Create navigation to get your user from screen-to-screen

Create many kinds of menus

Manage state and passing data between pages

Combine navigation patterns to form a complete app

About the Speaker

Dan Hermes

Xamarin MVP, Xamarin and .NET consultant, author, speaker

Dan Hermes is a Xamarin MVP, software consultant, and founder of Lexicon Systems, an award-winning Xamarin and .NET consulting firm. Dan helps developers create great mobile apps and helps businesses develop a winning mobile strategy. His firm's recent Xamarin projects include a cross-platform app for Thermo Fisher Scientific which won a W3, a Davey award, and was a finalist for a Xammy award. Dan’s clientele includes dozens of software-building firms such as Fidelity Investments, EDS, and Computerworld Magazine. He speaks at conferences and teaches software development at colleges, developer user groups, and corporate training centers. A contemporary Renaissance man, Dan is also active in the arts. He is a recognized composer, his classical crossover music having aired on National Public Radio (NPR). He is an active digital artist, exhibiting his work internationally, and a founding director of Art Technology New England (ATNE).

Dan is the author of a new book entitled Xamarin Mobile Application Development.

His blog is Connect with him on Twitter at @danhermes or email him at [masked].

Lexicon Systems

Lexicon Systems is a Xamarin and .NET software consulting firm with offices in Boston,

They work with tech leaders to evolve their organizations while building reliable, current software. They provide services ranging from .NET technical design and

architecture to strategy consulting and best practices. Founded in 1999 by technologist Dan Hermes, they specialize in cross-platform mobile applications built using Xamarin. Lexicon also provides direction on .NET and mobile strategy.

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