Xamarin + IoT + Twilio + Azure Functions + CS by Brandon Minnick from Microsoft

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Title: Xamarin + IoT + Twilio + Azure Functions + Microsoft Cognitive Services
By: Brandon Minnick (in person)
Developer Advocate
Microsoft | San Francisco, California

Brandon was presenting (also) in person last year at our meetup

It's difficult to decode the sentiment of a text message: Is it happy? Is it angry?

After receiving an onslaught of texts one day, Brandon created a solution using an IoT light bulb: Red light for angry texts and Green light for happy texts! Join me as we review its AI + serverless architecture to learn how!

This talk leverages Xamarin + IoT + Serverless apps that change the color of a Philips Hue lightbulb based on the sentiment of your text messages. It combines Twilio APIs, Azure Functions, Microsoft Cognitive Services, SignalR, a Xamarin mobile app and a Philips Hue Light!

Brandon Minnick is Developer Advocate at Microsoft, loves C#, .NET, and Xamarin development!

Previously worked at Xamarin (before the Microsoft acquisition) and continue to share his passions with fellow Xamarin, C# and Cloud developers.

He is an avid coder, having developed countless apps and I love helping fellow developers make 5-star apps!