Xamarin Forms 3.0 + Adding AI to App - Xamarin & Azure Cognitive Services


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• Mark J Radacz, Microsoft MVP, will present Intro to Xamarin Forms 3.0

• Sivamuthu Kumar K. A. will present
Adding AI to App - Xamarin & Azure Cognitive Services

In this session, we will discuss the following
• Introduction and explore various Azure Cognitive Services
• How to integrate cognitive services into a Xamarin.Forms app
* How to train ML models in Azure Cognitive Services
* Demo on Computer Vision, Face, Emotion, Language and Bing Search API

Sivamuthu Kumar K. A. Bio:
Siva is a mobile architect working in Computer Enterprises Inc.,(CEI), helping teams architect mobile, web and cloud solutions. Right now, he is working in a project that develops macOS application using Xamarin Forms and NLU cloud services for clinical documentation. He is much interested in exploring new technologies. He loves community-related work where he can talk with others to share and learn from them. He tweets about the things he is working on @ksivamuthuHe lives in Orlando with his loving wife, and they are devoted-parents to their beautiful daughter.

Important to know
Beginners are welcome

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