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I formed the NJ Drone User Group ( http://NjDug.org ) in 2o14 and hold Flying, Building, Training and Social events throughout NJ and adjacent States - plus I run an annual Drone Expo (http://DroneExpoEast.com) in June and the Drone Day every May.

The NJ Drone User Group is all about getting together to teach and learn about the technology behind building and flying a UAV* (or sUAS*) drone as well as how to use it safely and sensibly for fun and commercial use.

We fly most weekends, weather and TFRs permitting (Temporary Flight Restriction, such as when POTUS is in the area) at various locations, and if you need to build or work on the configuration of your 'babies', we meet occasionally at two Maker Spaces who kindly let us use their facilities, tools, 3D printers, etc. free of charge. If you have emergency work that needs doing fast, eMail Nick and he'll set it up at whichever location is nearest to you..

Whether you are an expert or have only just begun, come join the fun with our GREAT members.

* UAV = Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and sUAS = small Unmanned Aircraft System (less than 55lbs - under 87knots/100mph)

Upcoming events (5+)

AMA Expo East

Meadowlands Expo Center

Friday doors open at 11am - Saturday and Sunday open at 10am. Drone Expo East has a booth and we need help to run it.. Please let me know if you can help on the booth and we'll get you free ticket(s).. We'll also be telling everyone about our new International Drone Racing Competition (http://alturl.com/axrfz) to be held OVER the beach in Atlantic City on Father's Day weekend (June 15th and 16th) - X-Class and Wing racing. If YOU race these, let me know and I'll get you an entry - BIG prizes. The same is also true for mini-Quad and Tiny Whoop class at the Expo (http://DroneExpoEast.com} Enjoy the show and go chat with the FAA and AMA guys with ALL your questions... (don't shoot the FAA guy, he's "just following orders") ;-) They also have a larger 'Swap Shop' this year, so if you have 'stuff' you'd like to swap, bring it along... ..... _Tickets and Registration (http://amaexpoeast.com/tickets)_ To view details on their website, go to: https://amablog.modelaircraft.org/amaexpoeast/

Get your Technician Ham Radio license

Location visible to members

Our member Sheryl Starr offers: Get your FCC Technician Ham Radio License. Not only useful in conjunction with UAVs (used for some FPV video fréquences especially mini-Quad racing inside metal constructed buildings like our Kearny Point location), but you can also be helpful in an emergency within our area.. You can get the training you need at no charge by ARCsquared in Fairfield and the FCC fee is only $15 to take the test, which you'll do on the Sunday after the training. ARCSquared (stands for American Red Cross Amateur Radio Club), an organization of volunteers and staff that provides communications during a disaster. The radios can communicate among themselves throughout our region, with the DOC in Fairfield, and with ham radios located in the other chapter location, as well as portable stations that will be established in shelters, interview sites and service centers. And they can communicate with others providing disaster response, including OEMS, and with ham radio operators everywhere. Specifics regarding the class:- · The class runs all day Saturday and Sunday from 8am to 5pm (you must attend both days) with the test at approximately 1pm on Sunday. · ARCSquared supplies the instructor and the people to give the exam and light refreshments. In addition, we take a break for lunch at around 12pm and the test takers can either bring a sandwich or go out to one of the local delis or restaurants. · Costs:- The FCC charges $15 for the test. We recommend that the students buy a book – ($18-$20). To apply RSVP here and then, send an eMail to Bill (listed below) or contact Sheryl Contact: Bill Kelly NB1LL Phone: (201)[masked] Email: [masked] (http://myhost.org/Mailroom/src/compose.php?send_to=bill.kelly@redcross.org) For more details: http://arcsquared.org/Tech-class-info.htm (just ignore the dates)

Day of Drones

the Liberty Science Center

A Day of Drones brings an enthusiastic crowd together... ...on an adventure for all the family both young + young at heart. Fly in the cage, view through the camera of a FPV racing drone during one of the many outdoor races, see the winners of this year's NYC Drone Film Festival and watch many UAV drones doing battle or aerobatics.. https://youtu.be/TispHxt_MIY Admission is either included with the NYCDFF package or purchased separately online. If you are a Science Center member, or would like to join, you can purchase general admission tickets online here: (https://lsc.org/explore/today/day-of-drones) or at the door.

Fly-In at the Mini Airstrip

Location visible to members

Mini airstrip with north and east/west runways in a T shape (shown at top of the photo - scroll to the right, or click the links if you see them, to see one of the larger fields) built just for model aircraft, with plenty of space around to fly over..... Located in a town that looks after RC pilots and don't mind drones...

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Fly-In the 'Cream Ridge Field'

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