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The NJ Drone User Group is all about getting together to Help and Learn about the technology behind building and flying a UAV* (or sUAS*) drone, as well as how to use it safely and sensibly for fun and commercial use.

We fly most weekends, weather and TFRs permitting (Temporary Flight Restriction, such as when POTUS is in the area) at various locations.

I formed the NJ Drone User Group ( http://NjDug.org ) in 2o14 and hold Flying, Building, Training and Social events throughout NJ and adjacent States - I also plan putting on an annual Drone Expo and a new NJ racing league. If you'd like to sponsor and/or help with either, reach out to me.

Whether you're an expert or have only just begun, come and join the fun with our GREAT members. Bring the Family as we are a Kid friendly group...


* UAV = Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and sUAS = small Unmanned Aircraft System (less than 55lbs - under 87knots/100mph)

Upcoming events (5)

Fly-In at Etra

Etra Lake Park

Fly around the Park, playing fields, trees and lake - that all make for some great shots and plenty of space to fly.... FPV mini-quads if either of the two fields have no people... Check Nix Weather Station: http://alturl.com/5nfy8

Fly-In 'at the Academy'

NJ Drone Academy

Our friends at the NJ Drone Academy have welcomed The NJ Drone User Group to fly at their facility. Easy access and only 4 miles from Flemington, 20 miles from Trenton, and 11 miles from Pennsylvania - plenty of parking. Bring your friends and family - fly in their large soon to be netted area, plus check out their training and repair facilities. If you need a ride, eMail Nickalf and if you're delayed or coming late, call the number above so I know to wait for you If less than 4 members sign up, the meeting will be cancelled.

Fly-In on a Mountain

Location visible to members

A designated area for Drones to fly where group size is limited by the park authorities...... The views around are spectacular... You must sign in 'before' you fly and register your frequency if flying FPV..... Keep an eye on the weather with this link (http://alturl.com/f5v2f)... . If you're delayed or coming late, call the number shown only to members so I know to wait for you

the Drone Group online

Online Only

As well as flying most weekends, we'll continue to have DUG online meetings on a regular basis, even after COVID-19 (which'll be soon, I hope).......... I've scheduled this as a two hour event that you can join at any time as long as you have RSVPed to 'Attend' before the event starts (let me know if you're joining us late). We also keep going as long as there are interested active members online, which is often the case... On these bi-weekly online meetings, you connect from home (or your favorite spot) and watch the fun, talk to other members or guests, get news updates, see some videos from our database, show some of your own videos and photos (send me a link to your favorite YouTube video and, 'if appropriate' :-), I'll show it) and generally have a great time.. RSVP in the usual way and I'll send you full instructions by eMail the day before the meeting on how you access from almost anywhere in the world either by regular telephone or using the app of your choice (see http://alturl.com/tfdiz) that you can download from http://Zoom.us

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the Drone Group online

Online Only

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