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This is a development-centric meetup group for mobile .NET development with a primary focus on Xamarin. We welcome all skill levels as well as those with no experience at all. Anyone interested in joining a vibrant community and deeply understanding the Xamarin platform is a great fit. We will engage in actual development projects, with the entire team focusing on a particular problem, architecting and developing in tandem, and then comparing results with the team as a whole. We will use best-in-class development tools such as: Xamarin Studio, GitHub, XCode, Visual Studio, SQLite, Amazon Cloud, Cassandra/HBase NoSQL, AngularJS, Node.js, etc. The huge upside is that while we develop on the core technologies, we'll also be building up our skillset with highly effective and marketable ancillary technologies.

The format of the group will be as follows:

We'll meet as an entire group and define what we'd like to build in the upcoming sprint (we might as well use Agile terms). The project definitions will be fairly narrow, especially in the early phases of the group while we're developing our nascent skills. So for example, we may say, "This week we'll build the map screen for a simple mapping application that supports push-pins, on iOS".

We'll then break the group into teams of 2, attempting to balance out our experience and talent levels as well as possible. After that point, we'll all go away and dive into the code. Each group of two will work on the project for the duration of the sprint. We'll create an environment of open collaboration by way of an online project management tool.

The following meetup will then serve as a code review where we will conduct the following exercises as a group:

1) Compare architectural decisions and defend reasons for making those decisions

2) Discuss extensions and other third-party components used to aid development

3) Discuss your greatest pain points, or where you flat out hit a brick wall

4) Attempt to gain consensus on the best methods of accomplishing each of the tasks, and compile those methods into a best-practices reference

5) Merge our best code into a common area, and promote that version as group-certified (it's probably very ambitious to try to accomplish this during an actual Meetup)

Then we'll define the next project, and re-start the development cycle. We can either completely start over with an altogether different project, or build new components onto the existing one, gradually working our way towards an enterprise-worthy app.

One great thing about these short development sprints is that we can always bring on new developers at any one of our Meetups.

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