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Some people learn from their own experience but wise people learn from other’s experience. Driven by our vision and mission statement, this group is created for the entrepreneurs networking, to transform their ideas into a profitable business. To connect entrepreneurs with co founders & investors for a strategic alliance to add value and overcome the hurdles in many areas. Focused to help on investor's pitch deck, strategy formulation and implementation, funding investments, setting up goals, vision and mission statement, develop a marketing strategy, social media marketing and taking an existing business to next level.

Networking Events Highlights

1. Startups Entrepreneurs Networking
2. Finding co-founder
3. Investor funding (Meetup and pitch suggestions)
4. Social Media Marketing Search optimization discussion.
5. Pitch deck and various strategy development & implementation.

Traditional startup begins to think about solving a problem. We think out of the box we bring awareness through our startup idea. We believe in continuous improvement, we take one step more and offer a better solution for an existing problem and/or an existing solution

Group Key Words: Startup – Educate myself as an entrepreneur – Investor – Co-Investor – Co-Founder – Digital Marketing – Social Media Marketing – Search Engine Optimization – Email Marketing – Online visibility – Online Technologies - Investors Pitch Deck & Networking.

Mission statement: To provide a platform for our members to learn from other industry experts for self-improvement and growth in the business under recent technological advancements.

Vision statement: To make difference in our member’s professional life by bringing valuable resources in the events to help them in dealing with the challenges as a startup entrepreneur.

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