What we're about

Are you bored of talking to people about TV-watching, food-eating, and nothing?
Are your friends and family tired of you citing Adorno's culture industry and other critiques of consumer capitalism every time they buy a bag of chips?
Then ditch them (or as they would probably say spare them) and meet up with us to talk philosophy, political theory, and whatever else is on your mind. 
We start each meeting by introducing that week's text. Once we establish its arguments, we launch into a discussion critiquing the author and offering our own perspectives. 
Text, author? Yes. There is reading every meeting. How can we achieve wisdom without consulting the wise? In all seriousness, this group is as much about learning as it is about pontificating. Plus, the quality of our discussions will be higher if we all have a common reference point.
Our aim is to familiarize ourselves with the philosophical tradition while making history's most famous theorists relevant to today by viewing current events through their analytical lens. 
Additionally, we can and should read and discuss lesser known thinkers, novelists, poets, and the like. At the end of each meeting we will take suggestions from all members and agree upon a topic for the next week.

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Antonio Gramsci: Cultural Hegemony

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John Stuart Mill on Utilitarianism and Liberty

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