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Hello guys,

We have a very interesting topic and a great speaker for the next meetup. This is about making builds. Those of you who are still using ANT or Maven may be pleasantly surprised learning the 21-st Century way of doing builds.

Abstract:This presentation introduces the audience to the power of Gradle through many real-world examples that are demonstrated. By the end of the presentation, you’ll understand how Gradle helps to elegantly solve the challenges that we face in our daily builds.We’ll go through such powerful concepts as: advantages of declarative over imperative build systems, convention over configuration without rigidity, the Gradle plugins, deep multi-project support, performance optimizations through partial builds and incrementalness, harvesting existing functionality through Ant and Maven integration as well as migration strategies for migrating from these build tools. We will demonstrate many of the innovative goodies that come with Gradle out-of-the-box, the Gradle Wrapper, easy administration of your build environment, building Android apps, and other new plugins.

Bio: Peter brings to Gradleware more than 20 years experience as a software developer and enterprise architect in the engineering and financial technology sectors. From 1998 to 2012, he worked at Goldman Sachs, most recently as the CTO of the GS Application Practices Group. In this role, he delivered an integrated development platform for firm-wide usage that satisfied audit and regulatory controls for GS software development. A strong advocate of project automation and agile, lean, and TDD techniques, Peter has committed code to open source projects, such as Fitnesse. He previously taught TDD classes at Goldman Sachs.
A graduate of the University of Birmingham in England, Peter holds a master’s degree in manufacturing engineering and a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. He lives outside of New York City with his family.

The address:

650 College Rd. East
Princeton, NJ 08540

4th floor (It’s across the street from the main Siemens Corporate Research building.)