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“Any company designed for success in the 20th century is doomed to failure in the 21st” David Rose

Exponential Organisations (ExOs) are ten times better, faster, and cheaper than yours. OpenExO is an ecosystem of purpose-driven individuals who help organisations to go through an exponential transformation and become future proof.

ExOs are a new breed of organisations that could disrupt entire industries by scaling as fast as exponential technologies do. The concept was introduced in the bestselling book, Exponential Organisations, co-authored by Salim Ismail, co-founder of Singularity University and Chairman of OpenExO and ExO Works.

ExOs are purpose-driven entities that leverage new exponential technologies and a set of common organisational attributes that allow them to tap into and manage abundance to scale exponentially as technology does. In addition, there is a strong ExO methodology developed that could be the framework which allows both entrepreneurs and corporations to speak the same language and disrupt industries together.

This meetup is for all OpenExo ( https://www.openexo.com ) members and anyone who want to discuss and learn about how to handle exponential changes, how to build and implement future-proofed strategies.

At our events, we will discuss the ExO methodology framework, we will hear stories from the (international) members of the ExO community or from ExO clients.

Let's exponentially grow together!

Exponential Organisations book - https://www.amazon.de/Exponential-Organizations-organizations-better-cheaper/dp/1626814236/
Exponential Transformations book - https://www.amazon.de/Exponential-Transformation-Evolve-Organization-10-Week/dp/1119611393/

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Decade of the ExO - Netherlands

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Exponential Transformation Meetup

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