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VisualReview and Dragons, with Sannie Kwakman and Wilfred Nas

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Laapersveld 17 · Hilversum

How to find us

Take the back entrance, see below.

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On July 23th we will be at Xebia ( in Hilversum. The doors will open around 18.00 and there will be a Italian buffet! So make sure you don't eat to much when you're coming.

When arriving, please take the back entrance:

We will have two presentations, one from Xebia's Sannie Kwakman who is going to talk about a new open source project, called VisualReview ( From their Github page:

"VisualReview's goal is to provide a productive and human-friendly workflow for testing and reviewing your web application's layout across several browsers, resolutions and platforms."

The second talk is by Wilfred Nas, who is going to try to answer all your web component questions, with dragons!

VisualReview introduction - Sannie Kwakman

While making sure your web application looks good on a multitude of browsers, devices and screen resolutions is hard enough, keeping it that way is even more difficult. Testing for layout and styling issues is tough to automate as no computer (currently) can tell you if a page looks as intended. Testing for these kinds of issues are usually done manually, which becomes a problem when your web application grows larger.
During the talk we'll be demoing VisualReview: a new open source tool which aims to alleviate this problem by automating the steps that can be automated and leaving the analysis to the human eye, but only when necessary. Other than most other tools, it focuses on a human-friendly workflow, providing an efficient way of layout testing in a project without getting in your way.

Sannie Kwakman is a full-stack software developer at Xebia ( He has worked on several large scale web application projects, witnessing the visual regression problems first-hand. On the look-out on improving both speed and quality of development, Sannie's currently co-developing a new set of tools for detecting these visual regressions.

Wilfred Nas - "there will be dragons" (on webcomponents and IE6...)

What are these web components we all keep hearing about, is it something I should use? And if so, why? And how? Weren’t these proposed at some Fronteers event in 2011 and why is it taking so long before I see them in a browser? Is it a Chrome thing? And isn’t Chrome the new IE6? Or is that Safari?

These and some other questions Wilfred will try to answer. After almost 20 years of web development he will try and take you along across uncharted waters. But beware, there will be dragons…

Wilfred is a freelance front end developer; loves to travel by rocket, father of two sons and founding member of the gang of 5. Nuts about html5 forms and semantics...

Event Schedule:

• 18:00 Doors open, Italian buffet with vegetarian options
• 19:00 Introduction
• 19:15 Sannie Kwakman
• 20:00 Break
• 20:30 Wilfred Nas
• 21:15 A eulogy for Internet Explorer, 1995 — 2015 by Niels Leenheer
• 21:30 Drinks and snacks
• 22:30 Room cleared


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