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On September 15th, we will be hosting our seventh meetup of 2016.

Event Schedule:

• 18:00 Doors open, with food and drinks
• 19:00 Introduction
• 19:15 Ricardo Tomasi
• 20:00 Break
• 20:15 Rik Schennink
• 21:00 Drinks and snacks
• 22:00 Room cleared

A reactive framework for the rest of us - Ricardo Tomasi

The react[ive] approach has taken the javascript community by storm. But in a world without ES6, JSX and node, how can we build reactive components? I'll talk about the issues we face, and how we are approaching this in a way that is backwards-compatible with our component and template systems, while still giving us isomorphic rendering, dom-diffing and sane state management - all in a few hundred lines of code.

About Ricardo:

Ricardo is a senior client-side developer at ( that loves all things web, from design to pushing pixels and the gritty details of javascript performance. He can occasionally be found refactoring dead code or trying out obscure programming languages during the weekend.

Context Based Progressive Enhancement - Rik Schennink

Today using the powers of Media Queries and Flexbox we tune our CSS to make that presentation layer fit every viewport like a glove. And while I agree Container Queries would make your and my life at least 32 times better, some powers are still better than no powers. The JavaScript side however is severely lacking in powers. How do we make that interaction layer fit as nice as the presentation layer? Also, not to be underestimated, how do we do that and at the same time keep our sanity. I like everyone to be as sane as possible, so I've come up with a JavaScript solution and I want to hear your opinion on it.

About Rik:

Rik is a Freelance Front-end Engineer living on this 2D plane people call The Netherlands. He tweets and writes about things he finds on the web and things he finds of it. Loves experimenting with HTML, CSS and JavaScript, does some game development on the side and is a huge proponent of Progressive Enhancement.


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