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Do you ever desire to become a more elegant communicator? Do you seek to be the #1 champion in your professional field? Might it be that you finally want to hone your SOFT skills (people skills) and ultimately communicate your hard skills at their best? First .......

5-points you might want to know about this Meetup

* Longest operating NLP-focused Meetup group in Thailand

* Every member posted a meaningful self-introduction

* No ‘Up-Selling’ agenda

* A whopping 10% of members are certified in NLP (practitioner, master practitioner, trainer)

* Consistently a high ratio of ‘NLP novice' to 'NLP-certified’ attendees

Second, did you ever wonder HOW one of your recently hired friends got the job? Did you understand the friend's explanation:
..."My hard skills got me the invitation to the interview, and
luckily my soft skills got me the job?"...

Third, fortunately you might have heard that NLP (neuro linguistics programming) has helped millions of people achieve greater success, increase confidence, enrich relationships and overcome fears?

Additionally you may have already studied NLP techniques & language patterns from books and tapes or even attended an NLP "taster" short-course. Unfortunately you feel you are stuck.

Now, might it be that you finally realized it's best to fine-tune your non-verbal communications skills by joining a grass roots style study group? A group that helps you to smoothly further improve the process of communication growth, personal development and social skills?

Obviously if you are a novice to NLP, you cannot afford NOT learning and mastering language patterns & tools to help you advance in your career and to better your relationships. Don't you agree?

Did you then ever wonder why NLP communication techniques are not taught in school?
How quickly can you imagine really seeing the personal and professional benefits of applying NLP? Certainly you always knew that the highest paid people on the planet are communicators.

Ultimately start learning, practicing, improving NLP today.
NLP Bangkok is a practice group which offers a highly interactive study environment. You’ll be among . . . .


YP-40 (young professionals under40)



from such areas such as:


digital strategies/social networks

medical/social/health work

sales/marketing/advertising/mobile applications

finance/global commerce

legal professionals


For a long time master communicators, distinguished councilors/litigators, peak sports performers, heads of state, skilled talk show hosts, sales champions, motivational speakers, highly-effective negotiators, career coaches, business communications experts, behavioral economists and many more - all of them have studied well the art of communication and have added it to their hard skill knowledge base.

Certainly you can learn how to be a skilled communicator too, don’t you agree? Did you ever wonder why some people claim that communication equals wealth?

Did you know that the mastering of NLP helps whatever you already do well, just to do even better. Why not give it all a try, don't you agree? Join this Meetup NOW.

It is desired that attendees understand the English language. They are not required to speak it. Luckily their unconscious has already captured the presented NLP instructions anyway. Obviously words only count for 7% of a communication. By now becoming a more elegant communicator you will soon learn to select words more consciously (this goes for any language you speak). Additionally you will master how to better handle also the remaining 93% portion of a communication. Is this not the reason you like to be part of this practice group? . . . to be a more elegant communicator.

Luckily NLP at this Bangkok NLP Practice Club is taught in CHUNKS (a.k.a. small pieces of knowledge)

During the cause of a Meetup attendees are divided in groups of 2 or 3. They are encouraged on doing the exercises right away so they go home with NLP tools in their muscles.

GUIDELINE to potential applicants for this Meetup: Click on the "PAGES" tab and visit Section "E" . You will find helpful guidelines how to formulate a meaningful introduction, with a clear goal setting and positive language in mind. (200 to 250 characters with spaces).

• Venue: Lumpini Park vicinity
• Time: Monthly on a Sunday, approx. 2:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. (Dates to be announced)
• Parking: No charge
• Transportation: Venue is in easy reach of public transportation
• Attendance Fee: Payable at the door (in cash)

There are three attendee fee categories: Thai national (Bhat 300); Non-Thai (Farang) (Bhat 500) and college/university student (Bhat 100).

The Dale Carnegie Foundation once did a study which suggested that: " 85% of a person’s social and financial success in life is determined by her/his communication skills "

A friendly hint for potential applicants to this Meetup: The emphasis of this Meetup is very little on socializing and mostly on the education / learning of communication.

Important points to consider for new applicants:

CAUTION: Any potential applicant whose sole intention for joining the Meetup is to promote real estate, mortgages, insurances, investments or multi level marketing opportunities is NOT considered a good match for this Meetup. Naturally this group is closed to soliciting headhunters.

The focus of this Meetup is education and very little socializing. The ideal member applicant to this Meetup is a Thailand resident and not a transient/short-time tourist.

The organizer of this Meetup is certified by NLP-Comprehensive (Colorado/USA) as a Practitioner of NLP

Among our some 50+ members, (5) of them are NLP-certified as 'practitioner', 'master practitioner' or 'trainer'.

Finally if you are just desire to be up-dated frequently on NLP and related articles from around the world you are always invited to browse through our 'Table of Contents' at http://www.meetup.com/NLP-Bangkok/about/

Most importantly, different to some other Meetup groups, ours stays away from any type of 'up-selling' pitches. Lastly, a mandatory requirement for being approved as a member is to offer your 2-3 sentences self-introduction in the "INTRODUCTION" section. It is located immediately after the (5) profile questions. To gain an idea what other members of this Meetup shared already please click on: http://www.meetup.com/NLP-Bangkok/members/

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