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The 4th NLP Dublin Meetup - NIPS edition

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IMPORTANT: Please fill out name and surname in this form ( to be allowed entry by the building security.

For the fourth time (and last time in 2016), we are thrilled to announce our next NLP Dublin meetup! This time, we are overjoyed to be hosted by Workday at their offices in Kings Building, May Lane, Smithfield.

The fourth edition of our meetup is packed yet again with exciting research and applications from your favourite field.
Since NIPS (, one of the main conferences in Machine Learning, is taking place the week before, we will use the opportunity to talk about some research trends in Machine Learning and NLP. In our first talk, Iacer will discuss how to improve Machine Translation by leveraging information from a different modality, such as images.
Subsequently, John will talk about how Generative Adversarial Networks, the most important recent development in Machine Learning according to Yann LeCun (, can be used to model documents in the second talk of our evening. Finally, Sebastian will provide an overview of some of the highlights and NLP-related directions of the conference.


[18:00 - 18:30] Registration, pizza, and networking

[18:30 - 19:00] Iacer Calixto ( (PhD Student, DCU): "Multimodal Machine Translation: what is it and why bother?"

[19:00- 19:30] John Glover ( (VP of Science, AYLIEN): "Modeling documents with Generative Adversarial Networks"

[19:30- 20:00] Sebastian Ruder ( (PhD Student, NUIG; Research Scientist, AYLIEN): "Highlights from NIPS"

[20:00 - 21:00] Networking


• If you can't make it, please RSVP to "NO" as soon as possible so that other people can take your place.

• If you are doing innovative research in NLP or are applying NLP to exciting applications and would like to give a talk, reach out to us! Similarly, if you are interested in sponsoring or hosting this event, please contact us.

Co-organized by Aylien (
Kings Building, May Lane, Smithfield, Dublin 7 · Dublin
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