Interacting with Machines: The 6th NLP Dublin Meetup


We are incredibly excited to announce our sixth NLP Dublin meetup! This time, we are proud to be hosted for the second time by Zalando ( at their awesome office at Grand Canal Quay.

The sixth edition of our meetup is packed with cutting-edge research and applications from your favourite field. This time, we are interested in better understanding how to interact with machines. In our first talk of the evening, Emer Gilmartin will talk to us about what to consider when trying to enable human-machine spoken dialogue. Alfredo Maldonado will then give us an overview of word sense disambiguation and induction, as well as more recent research directions. Finally, Eoin Hurrell will shed light on how to enable a system to understand user queries, both from a technical and from a philosophical perspective.


[18:00 - 18:30] Registration, pizza, and networking

[18:30 - 19:00] Emer Gilmartin ( (PhD student, TCD): "Human-Machine Spoken Dialogue"

[18:30 - 19:00] Alfredo Maldonado ( (Postdoc, TCD): "Word Sense Disambiguation and Induction"

[19:30 - 20:00] Eoin Hurrell ( (Data lead, Cohort): "Query Understanding"

[20:00 - 21:00] Networking


• If you can't make it, please RSVP to "NO" as soon as possible so that other people can take your place.

• If you are doing innovative research in NLP or are applying NLP to exciting applications and would like to give a talk, reach out to us! Similarly, if you are interested in sponsoring or hosting this event, please contact us.

Co-organized by Aylien (