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Being an Influential Communicator - Physiology & Body Language (Part 3)

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In this part of the series, we will explore the role of physiology & body language in creating influence with self & others.

A big part of learning to influence is to, understand what's not spoken in a communication. A big way to understand that is to explore ....

How do you recognize when a person is with you or not?

How do you know if your client is ready to move ahead with the conversation or not?

How do you drive the conversation in a meaningful way with trust & Rapport?

As humans, we are always communicating. We are always giving cues that we aren't necessarily aware of, most times.

Science Fiction has always shown us the world where people can read minds. While that may not be possible (as of now), the good news is, we can learn to pick up these non-verbal cues to understand a lot more about the person, their thoughts & behaviours.

So, join us on 20th March to explore influence through body language. Some of the things you will learn...

- Various ways to identify other's thinking & behavioural strategy

- Use physiology & body language that demonstrates exceptional influence & Confidence

- Noticing Non-Verbal cues to build rapport & trust

- Learning to use physiology to be confident & charismatic

- And lot's more...

*** Update: We have spent many hours in making sure that we provide quality content for this meetup. Because of that, the number of people attending the meetup has consistently increased. This has made it a little challenging for us to keep the meetup free as the venue expenses are consistently increasing. For this reason, from this meetup, we will be charging nominal fees of INR 200 for the session. We, as usual, will continue to deliver powerful, experiential and fun sessions with actionable outcomes.