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STREET HYPNOSIS (Guest workshop): discover classical hypnotic inductions
Hi, this is Philipp and Ralph! You might have seen shows in which hypnotists “taking control" over so called hypnotized people on a stage or observed street hypnotists performing in your city. If you are curious to learn more about the backstage of show hypnosis (also called stage hypnosis or street hypnosis) in theory and practice, I encourage you to join us at this workshop ! What you can expect to discover: - See a life demonstration of street hypnosis - Learn how street hypnotists identify suggestible people - Make your first steps with a classical hypnosis induction - Be aware of the difference between street and therapeutic hypnosis We are looking forward to seeing you at the event ! Warm Regards, Philipp & Ralph Practical information ----------------------------- Number of participants: 10 Contribution: CH 20.- Organizer : Philipp Wippermann, Certified Hypnotherapist and Master NLP Practitioner Guest: Ralph Cervera, street hypnotist Address: Seestrasse 146d, 8802 Kilchberg Reservation rule: we consider a reservation as the expression of your intention to be present at the event. If you are hindered, please remove the reservation, no show-ups are notified in your Meetup profile.

Philipp Wippermann

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Are you interested in communication, coaching, personal development, solution-oriented hypnosis and some of the most effective tools to improve your softskills and Communication Skills???

NLP is a communication model achieving great results in a short period of time. Its used in Business and private live and represents a short-time as well as solutions focused Coaching Method (also self-coaching). many people apply it in order to

- grow their social competences (communicate more effectively, understand others better)
- clarify and reach goals and life vision
- get rid of unwanted fears or habits (fear of speak in public, Phobias, compulsions, disturbing habits...)
- develop themselves, their awareness and their personal skills (confidence, courage, motivation, self esteem, performance...)
- and much more

The Goal of this Meetup-Group is to experience what you can achieve and do with the so called "Neuro linguistic programming" as well as therapeutic hypnosis (an indirect for of communication using "trance", a state of modified consciousness). Our events will allow you to discover some of the most effective instruments in the field of communication and self-development.
As only regular Group in Zürich and Switzerland, we offer English spoken trainings and meetup events.
The aim of the meetings is to share a moment with like minded people, as well as giving the opportunity to practice your skills and have some fun. You don't need to be a professional, anyone with an interest or curiosity is welcome.

As one of the meetup-group with many events, you regularly have the chance to get new inputs and ideas how you can improve your life in many different aspects.

NLP can be seen as the manual to our brain. It can teach you, how you be more succesfull and happy in the things you want to do or have in your life.

We look forward to meet you at one of our meetups!

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NLP-Mastertrainer INLPTA, DVNLP, IN and Body Language Trainer

Philip Wippermann
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