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Explore personal change, discover your goals, learn about interpersonal communication, and discover new techniques and tools to help them make your own personal changes. I started this group to bring together anyone who is currently in isolation, or lockdown, and up to relaxation of the lockdown rules have provided most of the content free of charge. From today, there will be more paid events, with some special offers to anyone who attends regularly, and contributes to making this group a great place to meet., I am a certified trainer of NLP, master hypnotherapist and PGCE qualified. The group is open to everyone, from any background. Really looking forward to helping people get more out of life!

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NLP & Hypnosis - Online Forum

Online event

An open forum where regulars and new members can join in with a general discussion based around personal development, NLP and Hypnosis. New members, and those that haven't attended any meetups yet are especially welcome. It will be a great opportunity to ask any questions you might have, or just meet some new people and make new connections.

NLP Level 1 (2 x 6 hrs) - Session 1 of 2

Online event


NLP (Neuro Linguistic programming) has been described as "A user Guide for the Brain". It's a collection of tools that can be used to explore and enhance the way we think, behave and communicate. The 2 days will give you a great insight into NLP, and you will receive a certificate of attendance on completion. No experience necessary, just a notebook, open mind and a sense of humour is all that is required. The cost is just £50 for both sessions, including certification, and if you book an NLP practitioner / Hypnotherapy practitioner you will receive a £50 refund.

Session 2 (17/7/2021) will take place using the same link.

The 2 days will cover:
History of NLP
The NLP Communications model
Cause and Effect
The 4 pillars of NLP
Avoiding content imposition
Communications Model
Conscious Vs Unconscious mind
How we create our internal Maps
Four steps to learning
Using Peripheral vision
Presuppositions of NLP
Linguistic presuppositions
Submodalities & Eye Accessing Patterns
Representational systems
Sensory acuity
Creating rapport
Pacing and leading
Communications theory and NVC
Perceptual positions
Neurological levels
Spelling strategy
Exploring strategies for success
Introduction to clean language
Open frame / Question & Answer session

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Clean Language Practice Group

Online event


Clean Language Practice group. Beginners welcome. Clean Language is a technique that can be used in a wide variety of applications such as life coaching, training, therapy etc. Very easy to learn, and simple to apply.

NLP Level 3 (Master Practitioner)

Online event


This course certifies students as NLP Master Practitioners.

Duration 7 Days - online

NLP Language patterns including:
Cartesian Coordinates
Confusion techniques
Pattern interrupts
Milton and meta model use
Time based language
Clean Language
N step Reframe
NLP allergy model
NLP modelling
Time based techniques
Applied Neurological levels
Introduction to trance and hypnosis
Meta programs
Dealing with clients / session planning

This training is suitable for anyone who is currently certified as an NLP practitioner/hypnotherapist.

Preferred payment method is by bank transfer. If you would like to use PayPal, there is an additional transaction fee. Please contact me to discuss options.

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NLP - A beginners guide

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