What we're about

This exclusive club is for new and experienced fly fishermen who are serious about the sport.

There will be a $50 initiation fee/charge to join the group and a recurring annual fee/charge of $50 due by the first of each year.

Initiation fees and annual dues are NOT prorated. If you leave the group or are removed from the group you will NOT receive a refund of your initiation fees or annual dues.

Caps, t-shirts, fishing shirts, and window stickers will be available for purchase.

The Club camper/trailer will be available for members usage. Only current members will be able to see the datails of camper/trailer usage.

We will have day trips, overnight trips, and backpacking trips into the mountains to fish small streams and lakes. We will take regular trips throughout New Mexico and have occasional trips to Colorado, Wyoming, and Arizona. We vetted several guides and have chosen two that we have fished with and recommend. Contact J.R. if you are interested in him facilitating a trip for you or providing you with the guides' contact information.

We will have a message board on our group site for our members to sell or swap their extra gear. We will periodically have raffles to win fly fishing gear.

Members who do not actively participate in some way will be dropped from the club! They will NOT receive reimbursement for initiation fees and/or annual dues!

If you are interested in joining, submit a request with a PROFILE PICTURE OF YOU FLY FISHING. If you do not have one we will strongly request that you add one ASAP.

P.S. All members are welcome and encouraged to organize and/or suggest trips.

P.S.S. Mike Meyer, one of our members, teaches outdoor skills including survival - bushcraft, archery, and of course fly fishing. His business is called Rift Valley Bushcraft (RiftValleyBushcraft.com), Rio Rancho, NM. Feel free to visit his website and send him an email if you have any questions. In the future, he and J.R. will try to organize some combination fly fishing / outdoor skills days where we spend some time fly fishing and some time learning skills.

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Elk Creek, CO - date is subject to change


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