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What we’re about

What we're about


This is a MEN-ONLY meetup group focused on the book No More Mr. Nice Guy, by Dr. Robert Glover. All men are welcome to join...single, married, straight, gay, etc.

Our group discusses the key lessons of the book on a bi-weekly basis with a focus on helping each member to effectively grow as men and individuals by creating a space where members can share their experiences, thoughts, results, concerns, and successes, and get feedback and support from the group in a judgment-free space.

The majority of meetings are online and men from across the country are welcome to join. We sometimes do in-person meetings in Midtown, New York City, as well.

Meetings focus on specific chapters of the book as well as the book's "Breaking Free Activities" (BFA).

Each Meetup runs for approximately 2 hours

The first hour of the meetup is a discussion of a chapter in the book and the corresponding BFA with each person given a chance to share his experience and thoughts on the subject. We discuss how the BFA can be applied specifically and what ACTION each of us will take to apply the BFA as we work towards breaking free of nice guy self-limiting beliefs and behaviors and replacing them with healthy beliefs and behaviors that propel us forward to achieve our goals.

The second hour is a check-in where participants can seek advice and input (or just vent) from the group on individual members in a judgment-free space.

IMPORTANT!!! To help keep the RSVP from being meaningless in this group, please ONLY RSVP if you're going to be responsible enough to actually attend, not just if you hope to come.
If you can't make it for whatever reason, please change your RSVP to not coming by at least the day before.

There is a $5 meetup fee for this meeting that goes towards helping cover the expenses of running the meetup. This can be made via Paypal, Venmo, or Zelle. The info for each is below:

Paypal -
Venmo - @dane-colon
Zelle -