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Scrum and Azure Event Hubs

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17.00: Mat og mingling

17.30: What can possibly go wrong with scrum - Aurelien Beraud (

Scrum, a well-defined framework which has few rules, has become a widely-used tool in companies that wish to introduce Agile Software Development. Because of its apparent simplicity, one might assume that the Scrum adoption in a company should go without a hiccup. However, it is not unusual to hear people rant about Scrum and say that it didn’t work in their case.
So, what can possibly go wrong with Scrum?
In this talk, I will look at the common pitfalls and misapprehensions that I have come across when using Scrum, along with a few tricks on how to avoid them.
Warning: This talk might contain some thought provoking ideas as well as rubber ducks.

18.30: Intro til Azure Event Hubs - Glenn F. Henriksen (

Event Hubs er en tjeneste som kan ta imot store mengder data fra applikasjoner og enheter. Den kan sende de videre til lagring, til analyse eller til videre behandling. Slik storskala innsamling og behandling kan være en viktig komponent i mange applikasjoner eller Internet of Things systemer.

19:15: Slutt