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Web API and OWIN with Karoline Klever and Tomas Jansson

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How to create a Web API no one wants to use - Karoline Klever

Later this year, Netflix will be closing their public APIs. Twitter and Google have already restricted their APIs. Despite prominent tech-companies making drastic changes to their APIs, the number of APIs keeps growing steadily. Suddenly, everyone has an API. Your car has one, Chuck Norris has one, and worst of all, tech-companies with no focus on quality whatsoever has one. And who are using these APIs? Most likely, no one.
This presentation will take you through the pitfalls of creating an API. From a developers perspective, what mistakes will result in no one wanting to use your API?

Building a Web API using OWIN and Web API 2.2 - Tomas Jansson

When ASP.NET was first developed it was a different world dominated by "enterprise" applications and developers in the .NET community were developing Windows Forms applications. It was with that mindset ASP.NET was developed and the architectural decisions for ASP.NET were made. We have come a long way since, and there is an open source initiative, which Microsoft is involved in, that is called OWIN to break us free from our old chains. OWIN stands for Open Web Interface for .NET and the goal of OWIN is to define a standard that decouples the application from hosting services. This decoupling will enable developers to implement more lightweight web applications easier and host them on any hosting platform supporting OWIN applications.
There are a couple of goals for this presentation. It will be an introduction to OWIN since a lot of people still haven't used it, I'll present the OWIN pipeline and the basic concepts to build OWIN based web applications in general. When we have got our head around OWIN I'll show you how to build a nice hypermedia driven API using Web API 2.2 and a new little thing called Linky.

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