John Montgomery, Terraforming Azure & Drones in the Cloud

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DevOps in Real-life - John Montgomery

Microsoft has been through a DevOps transition over the last years, focusing on continuous delivery and bringing value to users at a more rapid pace. This transition requires a shift in how you approach software development and requires you to adapt to a DevOps process to fit your business and teams. How was this transition for Microsoft, and how does DevOps work “in real-life”?

John Montgomery is Partner Director of Program Management for Developer Tools at Microsoft, including Visual Studio, Visual Studio for Mac, Visual Studio Code, .NET, C#, C++, F#, VB, JavaScript, TypeScript, Java, Go, Node.js, Python, Engineering Systems, User Experience Design, Customer Research, Windows tooling, and Azure tooling.

Terraforming Azure - Torstein Nicolaysen

In this presentation Torstein Nicolaysen will introduce Terraform and show how it makes it easier to manage resources in Azure. Terraform is an alternative to Azure Resource Manager (ARM), and the presentation will compare the two technologies and approaches. The presentation will be held in English and have a mix of hands-on and slides. You will get the most out of the presentation if you know a bit about Azure or Azure Resource Manager.

The presentation will begin by motivating the use of provisioning tools and set the stage. Then there will be a demo of a deployment with ARM followed by experiences with the technology. Terraform will have two demos – the same as with ARM and a fairly complex real-world demo. Then there will be a introduction to Terraform and it’s concepts.

The last part of the presentation give comparisons between the technologies, experiences and provides some helpful tips and pointers.

If you’re familiar with Terraform, the presentation will be fairly introductory, so there might not be much new material for someone experienced.

Torstein Nicolaysen is a senior consultant at Ensō. He is passionate about all things related to technology and software development. Azure and DevOps have been recurring themes in Torstein’s projects the last few years.

Two Tales: The time when I flew drones and when I talked to the cookie monster using Node at the Norwegian Parliament - Sirar Salih

Once upon a time I had the idea of creating a Node server to control a drone through the power of Azure and the Internet. Of course, this idea seemed crazy at the time as this was when the Internet of Things was just becoming a new buzzword. Controlling things using the Internet was a new and fascinating thing at the time. This tale (one of two) will look at how I managed to control a drone by creating and using a Node server together with Azure cloud service, to fly a device from any corner of the world. This tale will dissect and investigate the node-server-ar-drone library, created by myself, at NPM.

The second tale, is a rather funny one. It takes place many years after the first tale, in an environment so bureaucratic that it leverages 8 year old technology. This second tale, is about how I sat up a Node server at the Norwegian Parliament so that I could talk to the browser's cookie monster to save and to fetch user data related to GDPR. In other words, this tale is so sensitive that it includes GDPR, the Norwegian Parliament and the all bureaucracy that follows.

Welcome to an adventurous day of tales!

Sirar Salih is a full-stack developer and solution architect working at Making Waves. He is a very active community organizer, organizing meetups for the Azure User Group Norway and the Norwegian .NET User Group Oslo. Sirar loves sharing knowledge and has experience from speaking at international conferences such as Build Stuff, the Norwegian Developers Conference and JavaZone. He also contributes to the open source community by blogging at: