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Deploy APIM and Microservice serverless layer with Azure Functions

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This time we have 2 interesting talks:

- Deploy APIM with Confidence (Evgeny Borzenin)
- Microservice serverless layer with Azure Functions (Mattias Lögdberg)


Deploy APIM with Confidence - Evgeny Borzenin

In this presentation, Evgeny covers different ways to continuously deploy APIM resources such as APIs, Products, Policies and Named Values.

The presentation is in English in "slides + hands-on demos" format. Evgeny starts with a high-level introduction of APIM as a product, defines concepts and terminology and then focuses on a real APIM use-case - Vipps AS. He demonstrates how APIM CI/CD pipeline was implemented in Vipps with all challenges, experiences and some ideas on how to improve the pipeline in the future.

There will be a hands-on demo of 2 different APIM resources deployment techniques, outlining the advantages and disadvantages of each approach:
* with ARM templates
* with APIM Rest API.

Finally, there will be a brief introduction of Pester as a testing framework for a post deployment verification of APIM resources.

The presentation advocates the use of automation, teams autonomy and teams taking up responsibilities for deployment.

Evgeny Borzenin is a senior consultant at Ensō. He is a software technical architect and developer with 20++ years of experience, strong communication skills and an ability to bring people together to solve problems. Azure, DevOps, Automation, Testing, CI/CD were on Evgeny's daily agenda for the past few years.


Microservice serverless layer with Azure Functions - Mattias Lögdberg

In this session we will look into Azure Functions wich is one of the serverless offerings inside Azure. In Functions code is easily converted into API’s event listener or scheduled jobs. We will look into a common scenario of building a data layer in Azure with only serverless components such as API Management, Cosmos DB and Azure Functions. The scenario is to expose API’s inside API Management to access the service layer (Functions) and later the data inside Cosmos DB. We will also look into how and why to divide Functions in separate Functions App based on scaling, cold start and deployment considerations.

Mattias Lögdberg is a Solutions Architect at iBiz Solutions and has specialized on systems integration in the cloud mostly on Microsoft Azure. In the daily work Mattias is responsible for driving customer projects and providing solutions to challenging projects of different size. Beside this Mattias passion for the cloud platform has taken him to the speaking stand and the hard work both with the community and customers has resulted in an MVP award from Microsoft.