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Quantum Computing and Setting up CI/CD for your Azure Functions in Azure DevOps

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This time we have two talks:
- Quantum Computing with Jon-Thomas Eliassen
- Setting up CI/CD for your Azure Functions in Azure DevOps with (our very own) Sirar Salih

Quantum Computing - Jon-Thomas Eliassen

Quantum computing will enable us to solve problems that take longer than the lifetime of the universe in seconds, hours, or days" says Dr. Krysta Svore, Research Manager at Microsoft’s Quantum Architectures and Computation group.

Wow! But what is a quantum computer, and which problems can we solve using them? How do they work, and will they be commercially available within the lifetime of the universe? I can safely answer Yes! to the last question. I'll attempt to answer the other questions in my presentation. If we have time, we'll also look into Q#, Microsofts programming language for expressing quantum algorithms.

Jon-Thomas is a developer and architect with experience from product development and consulting in Norway and Australia. He has worked for almost 20 years with designing and developing high performance, mission critical web applications. He constantly strives to improve the processes and the tools used, improve the quality of the software and software delivery, and ensure business value. Jon-Thomas's interest for Quantum computing started at Microsoft Build in 2018, and he has since been studying and giving talks about the subject.


Setting up CI/CD for your Azure Functions in Azure DevOps - Sirar Salih

Azure Functions are pretty awesome but setting up CI/CD pipelines for them using Azure DevOps isn't as straightforward a task as you may think.

Azure Functions can be run on .NET Core and .NET Standard, so how do we exactly set up a working build pipeline for both of those scenarios? How do we configure unit testing for our Azure Functions? What about build artifacts? How do we auto deploy our Azure Functions as Azure Services?

These are some of the questions that I will answer in this hands-on talk. I will show you, step-by-step, how to configure CI/CD pipelines for your Azure Functions so you can create awesome serverless applications. Come join me in this fun learning session!

Sirar Salih is a full-stack developer, solution architect and leader of the White Hat hacker hub at Making Waves. He is a very active community organizer, organizing meetups for the Azure User Group Norway and the Norwegian .NET User Group Oslo. Sirar loves sharing knowledge and has experience from speaking at international conferences such as Build Stuff, the Norwegian Developers Conference and JavaZone. He also contributes to the open source community by blogging at: