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Merry Meet: Witchcraft 101

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So much has been added to this group over the years. We still meet with local witches and pagans of various traditions - Wiccan, Celtic, Greek, shamanic, folk magic, etc. Discuss magical topics like herbalism, healing, tarot, divination, scrying, trance states and ritual. One can also connect with local covens there. Meet with those of various spiritual paths: Wicca, Asatru, Celtic, Druidism, Hellenic, Kemetic, Western Hermetic, shamanism, and more.

We also have regular rituals, celebrate the Wheel of the Year, teach classes, and go to many events in the community.

Please read our Group Guidelines below to see if we're the right group for you!


Merry Meet!

I would like to welcome you to the North Orange County Witch and Pagan Network. Below is a list of the guidelines we abide by. I welcome your comments and input. All are welcome, but please abide by the following.

~We are a group of local Witches and Pagans who come together for community. Our meetups are designed to offer a friendly, relaxed, and safe environment for those who are seeking community or to learn. We have many experienced and gracious members offering information and to help with answering questions. Please feel free to ask questions, post comments on the message boards, and share information as you wish.

~Families, including children, are always welcome and encouraged at our meetup. Some venue's may have restrictions. All ages are welcome, and we encourage minors to share with their parents where they are and who they are with. Be mindful when minors are present, and parents- mind your child. For some events, consent forms may be necessary.

~We come from diverse and rich backgrounds. Please show respect one anothers beliefs. If you are here to start your own religion, or seeking converts, we will respectfully ask you to refrain. If it continues, you will be removed from the group.

~If you are here just to promote your business, you won't last long. Members will run everything by the organizer before presenting it to the group. Items of community interest are welcome, but should not be your focus in participation.

~Be respectful of each other in our sexuality. We are gender-neutral and welcome all. Be mindful, however, we are not a dating service. Whatever members choose between themselves is fine, but please do not apply if that is what you seek.

~Guests are always welcome, be sure to include how many you are bringing when you RSVP for a Meetup. You are responsible for your guests, so choose accordingly who you will bring.

~Membership Dues Effective January 1, 2013. I listened and learned from my elders, and found this is the best way to continue our positive growth. Here's how it works:

$12 per year or $1 per month. This is to help defer the cost of meetup. Yes, someone has to pay to organize a meetup group.
We are not a 501(c)(3) non-profit yet, so they are not yet tax deductible. When we have enough in the treasury, we will elect officers and take that step, but I do not have the out-of-pocket to cover it yet.
Dues paid online will show up as paid, but dues paid offline and monthly will not show up as paid because of the way the Meetup software works.
If you really cannot spare a dollar a month, you can be of service to pay for your dues. Please contact me directly and we'll set up something to go about this.
At the encouragement of members, we will also accept donations at rituals to help defer the cost of supplies. This is not covered by your dues.
Classes do not count as membership dues. That is the energy exchange between teacher and student.

~Rituals: We are a semi-open circle. Please ask the Host organizer of the ritual or meetup you wish to attend if it is open to all members or not.

+Meet & Greet at Alexandria is Open to All Members
+Discussion and Ritual is Open to qualified members and their guests. You may be qualified by receiving approval from one of the organizers, taking an introductory class, or a member prior to March 1, 2017.
+Rituals hosted by other groups and posted on our meetup by our assistant organizers are open to us and you should contact the organizer who posted it if you have any questions.

~Illegal actions of any kind are not tolerated at our meetups. This includes illegal drug use, underage alcohol use, etc.

~At all times be civil, respectful of others beliefs, culture, etc. and tolerant. This includes proselytizing. It is not welcome here.

~If you are aware of any infractions upon these rules, please tell me or any organizer present immediately. I was raised to be polite, but being silent when someone makes you feel uncomfortable is not polite, it's fear. Let us handle it promptly and efficiently as a group.

~Finally, I borrow the words of the organizer of my "home" group that has helped me "come out of the broom closet", The San Gabriel Valley Witch and Pagan Network: "Any person who violates any portion of [these guidelines], purposely disrupts the harmony of the Group, or refuses to adhere to the simple requirements of "civility, tolerance, and respect" will be removed from the Group (and removed from the meetup premises, if necessary.)" ~Destiny

Blessed Be!

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