Sit Your Way To Success in Your Next Sales Meeting


Believe it or not, where you and your prospective client sits at a table during your sales presentation plays a factor in the conversational flow and, success in closing the sale. There are many variables that impact any meeting success, the seating arrangement is one of them. Learn some strategies that will help you discover even more success in your next sales call or meeting. Warning though, you won't look at seating the same again.

Light lunch is provided. Please come early for lunch as LeAnn will start promptly at 12:00 PM.

Direction detail: If coming from Roaring Fork, pass the round about take the first left. Building B. The Building has Microchip signage.

About the speaker:

LeAnn Pashina is the founder of Creatively Communicate, Inc; speaker, author, and salesperson. With over 30 years in corporate sales, LeAnn has experienced directly how communication and winning the sale is all in "how you say it". She is an expert in sales and communication skills training, including how exceptional communication skills accelerate trust, build an instant rapport, and positively influence decision-making behavior. She empowers entrepreneurs and business professionals to create even more success by clarifying the sales conversation. Most people are trained to only focus on what they say and not how they say it. Non-verbal communication is the hidden tool that provides the added edge in your business.
Her recent book is “Sit Your Way to Success”; to find out more go to: