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The NOVA Makers Meetup group is dedicated to creating and supporting a Maker community in Northern Virginia. Everyone with a passion and interest in making things is welcome to join! For more information visit our website makerspace and meet our community members and see out many tools

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Nova Labs Tour

Nova Labs

Please join us for a tour of Nova Labs and learn about our facilities and get to know our community. Free guided tours are offered each Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. Please arrive on time because there are limited volunteers. We welcome anyone for our tours, whether or not they have RSVP'ed through Meetup.

MW: TIG Welding Red Tool Sign Off

Nova Labs


Looking to step up your metalworking game? Then enter the art of Tungsten-Inert Gas welding! This class is a comprehensive crash-course through the core concepts of TIG welding and the prerequisite sign-off class for independent use of our machine in the metalworking shop. Sign off: TIG Welder Safety clothing: Please do not wear synthetics. Closed toed shoes required. Long pants highly recommended. Prerequisites: 1. Documented Nova Labs Green Orientation class.* 2. Metalshop Yellow is required to use the welding equipment independently and without supervision. If you do not have the Metalshop Yellow sign off, you may ONLY use the welder on Metalshop Mondays and with supervision while you wait for the Metalshop Yellow Tools class. 3. MIG Welding is NOT a prerequisite but is highly recommended prior to taking this class unless you already have TIG welding experience. *You may take this class before taking GO, but you may not use the tools listed except when supervised by a certified adult or key member. You have 30 days to take GO or the sign off is forfeited. Note: If you arrive more than 15 minutes late, that is a safety violation and you will not receive a refund. Refund policy https://www.nova-labs.org/class-and-event-policies/

Woodshop Wednesday: Get help and supervised tool practice

Nova Labs (Woodshop)

This time is set aside for those with beginner and moderate skills ONLY. Get practice and help making your own projects from an experienced woodworker. Or just come in and practice with our freecycle wood. If you are new to Nova Labs and still deciding about membership, this is a great place to ask questions of a steward or try before you join!! -->Free for Associates/Members and those not doing projects who stop by and ask questions. -->Not a member? No problem. There is a $20 Day Pass charge for non-members. Pay at the front desk. -->Please arrive No LATER than 7:30pm to allow time to get stuff done. ____________________________________________________________________________________ Highly recommended for all our inexperienced woodworkers who say they are here at Nova labs to improve their woodworking skills to make what they wanna make. Practice what you learning in the yellow and red tools sign off classes while practicing making your own ideas. An added benefit is that you meet our community members. Supervised practice is a time-honored tradition for learning woodworking.

NoVA TOOOL Locksport Meetup

*Nova Labs (Classroom A)

A free meetup to learn introductory lockpicking and physical security awareness. Necessary tools will be provided for the duration of the event. The June event will include an opportunity to gut and re-pin a lock cylinder. Caveat: we only have ten re-pinning kits, so we may have to do two iterations. Some people may re-pin in hour one and pick in hour 2; some may do the reverse. Hobbyists, security researchers, physical penetration testers, and hackers welcome. Beginners are always welcome! https://toool.us/ @TOOOL @TOOOL_NoVA ### This event is overseen by a registered Virginia locksmith ###

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Arduino group meeting

*Nova Labs (Conference Rm 3)

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