Nova Labs 3.0 Steering Group

This is a past event

17 people went


The 3.0 Steering Group is a recurring meetup for anyone who wants to help shape Nova Labs 3.0. This is a working meeting where we are going to try to make progress on different tasks like:

Institutional Relations
Real Estate Search
Design & Buildout
Finance for 3.0

As well as on strategic 2.0 initiatives that affect our 3.0 plan, like:

Grow Revenue
Improve Member Experience
Strengthen Operations

Working approach: every night we start with food and conversation - then there will be a brief intro by Sam followed by status updates for each of the subgroups above. We follow with short clarification questions. From there, for the most part, we split into smaller groups and each group will work on their thing. Some people may roam from one to another subgroup as needed.

We are going to be using a task tracker (Asana) and anyone who wants to be part of this will get tasks assigned :-)

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