• Dexter Industries

    Nova Labs (Classroom A)


  • Woodshop Sunday: Get help and supervised tool practice

    Nova Labs (Woodshop)

    This time is set aside for those with beginner and moderate skills ONLY. Get practice and help making your own projects from an experienced woodworker. Or just come in and practice with our freecycle wood. If you are new to Nova Labs and still deciding about membership, this is a great place to ask questions of a steward or try before you join!! -->Free for Associates/Members and those not doing projects who stop by and ask questions. -->Not a member? No problem. There is a $20 Day Pass charge for non-members. Pay at the front desk. -->Please arrive No LATER than 4:00pm to allow time to get stuff done. ____________________________________________________________________________________ Highly recommended for all our inexperienced woodworkers who say they are here at Nova labs to improve their woodworking skills to make what they wanna make. Practice what you learning in the yellow and red tools sign off classes while practicing making your own ideas. An added benefit is that you meet our community members. Supervised practice is a time-honored tradition for learning woodworking.

  • Cardboard Boat Regatta Build Meetup

    Nova Labs

    All hands on deck! More help needed for this build team ASAP. Just stop by and pitch in. Participate in a build group project and learn by doing!!! Come and get more info. Great way to participate in the design and build in a fun way. Meets each Sunday at 2 pm until the Regatta competition. The plan is to build 2 boats - one for Nova Labs and one for Maker Faire NoVa - and race them August 12th at Reston Museum's Regatta. If you're interested in building your own boat, you're welcome to come and receive or share design ideas. Look for additional meetups for further build, dry run, final build and race day!

  • FLL team meeting (Brian Summers, Team 8702)

    *Nova Labs (Classroom B)

    Robotics team meetup

  • BL: Blacksmithing Open Office Hours & Practice Sessions

    After you've taken Blacksmithing 101, continue learning and having fun with blacksmithing. Make new stuff or continue a project. One of our experienced smiths will be there to help. Look up fun stuff on Instructables and youtube. Most of the time, you end up with something really cool, and you always have fun trying. You will leave with whatever metal you have beaten into submission. Cost covers use of propane, materials and tools. FREE for audience and observers!! Just stop by. This is a great time to listen and learn if you would like to try it at a future event. Or come by to see the awesomeness. Prerequisite: Green Orientation Sign off Class AND Blacksmithing 101 sign of No prerequisites for coming to view and ask questions!! *Refunds not offered if prerequisites are not met at the time of the class. Blacksmithing NEW POLICY: Minors under 16 years who have permission to use the tool from the steward MUST work together with a parent or designated adult who must supervise and participate alongside the minor. The adult must take Blacksmithing 101. The adult is responsible for the safety of the minor and must be close enough to physically intervene in case of danger. Required safety items: You must wear safety glasses (we have some tonbirrow ifnyou need them), leather shoes, and 100% non-synthetic clothes (cotton, wool, leather). You will not be able to blacksmith if you are wearing synthetic clothing. We suggest you mark your personal gloves and glasses since they are frequently forgotten at the lab. Bring water and stay hydrated.

  • BL: Blacksmithing 101 Safety Sign off

    Nova Labs (Blacksmithing Alley)


    This class covers the basics of blacksmithing with a simple, fun project. Makers learn essential skills like hammer control, tapering, bending and twisting as well as key safety items like how to avoid burning yourself, branding your friends or hitting yourself with blunt objects. You will leave with whatever metal you have beaten into submission. After you complete this class, you can join us at the "supervised practice sessions" and work on anything you can dream up, with help from experienced smiths. Sign off: Blacksmith Safety Prerequisite: NL Green Orientation (GO) class, age 16 to adult NOTE: You may take without GO if you only want to try blacksmithing and will not be returning for the practice sessions. Minors under 16 may not take the class Minors 16-17: May take the class, but parents must remain in the lab and available in case needed or in an emergency. FREE for audience and observers!! Just stop by. This is a great time to listen and learn if you would like to try it at a future event. Or come by to see the awesomeness. READ-->REQUIRED to BRING/SAFETY. There are lots of sparks. So, you MUST wear Non-synthetic clothes, including leather shoes and long pants are a must. Long sleeve shirts are not necessary, but no shorts. Bring your own or borrow our safety glasses. This is outdoor event, please dress appropriately for the weather. We reserve the right to ask any participant to leave if we feel they are compromising safety or disturbing the class. **Refunds are not available if you arrive at the class without the prerequisites and safety compliance. Refunds require 48 hours advance notice and you must cancel your RSVP so the seat can be reused.

  • Nova Labs Open House - Tours/Demos/Stewards/Questions

    *Nova Labs (Orange Bay)

    Visitors and Associates are welcome. Are you an Associate still looking to connect or ask some more questions? Someone will be here from all tool areas to ask questions. Are you a new visitor wanting a tour? Special tours with blacksmithing demo and lots of people to answer questions. After your tour, don't just leave folks! Stick around, poke around a bit more. No need to hurry away. Relax in our cozy coffee bar or on our comfy couches. Have some light snacks and drinks while you soak up the "learning by making" atmosphere in our Orange Bay. Nothing says cozy like drones, robots, electronics, and 3d printer. Seriouly, we really think you'll like our Orange Bay bling! Your passion + this makerspace. It's a match waiting to happen. Hey, sign up so we know how many of you are coming please. TOURS leave in groups every 30 minutes starting at 2pm. If you arrive late, there will fewer stewards and members to meet though! But the blacksmithers are tireless, so they'll still be here. Come take a look and see if this is the space is for you.

  • WW: Woodshop Bandsaw Red Sign off

    Nova Labs


    This is an introductory course that will teach students the basics of how to use the woodshop bandsaws. Tool Sign-off: Red Bandsaw Safety Proficiency Test: Students must schedule a return date for tool signoff Prerequisites: Attend the Nova Labs Green Orientation (GO!) Mandatory Safety: Wear closed-toed shoes, and safety glasses. We can supply safety glasses if needed, but cannot supply shoes. Things that present an "entanglement hazard", like long hair or dangly jewelry should be tied back or removed. The class discussion will cover basic operation, maintenance, safety concerns, and a few particulars of using these tools at Nova Labs. The instructor will provide documentation for and demonstration of proficiency required for signoff. Attendees will be invited to practice and develop proficiencies under the supervision of the bandsaw instructor at office hours.

  • Makers Circle & Art Lab

    Nova Labs

    MC&AL is a social group for individuals who wish to hang out and work on their own thing. So bring a project to work on or something to show off or just come to get input or hang out for inspiration. Your project should be something you can work on with other people present, and doesn't need an entire table by itself since the idea is to be social. Come out – socialize - make friends while making things and enjoying your hobby or learn a new one. Bring your dinner with you or a treat to share with the group. Need a way to make new friends and finish projects at the same time? Perhaps you're a maker! Want to network with other artists and crafters? Maybe you need an artist's lab or bench time too! Ask to check out Crafters Cove where we have a variety or tools and a small Crafters Supply cabinet. MAKE – DO – CREATE – SHARE – EXPLORE Including but not limited to: crochet, knitting, sewing, quilting, costuming, leather work, chain maille, beading, light metal work, portable weaving, jewelry piecing, scrap booking, stamping, embroidery, needlepoint, tatting, collage art, decoupage, card making, papercrafts, fiber arts, polymer clay, sketching and drawing, mixed media, calligraphy, digital art, writing, painting, small scale sculpting or carving, photo editing, etc. WOW – kinda looks like a catch all – doesn't it? Well it is... MC&AL started life as three or four other groups with heavy overlap and not enough time for any one person to organize. Then we got together and came up with a PLAN since we all have multiple but similar interests and don't want to be locked in to any one thing. SPECIAL NOTE: Those people who come may notice some gamers, and on alternating Fridays we have Game Night where you may see some MC/AL regulars, that is because we have several people and couples who do both events, so don't be shy about which Friday is which, the emphasis is just placed on one or the other to prioritize space use for the event group who is hosting. Makers Circle & Art Lab group (aka MC & AL) now covers events you may have seen listed in the past like: • Clay Dates • Crotchet and knitting • Costuming • Sewing and threads • Crafters Social This informal / social meeting is also for those people with projects and questions, maybe you've gotten stuck or come to a decision point. Come out and get a fresh perspective. I'm sure you'll get plenty of suggestions even if we've never done anything like it! Your chance to share techniques and stay up to speed on emerging trends, and learn new skills or interests. Set a date and time to actually get something done and keep it – with us! Eventually as NOVA LABS looks forward we hope to be able to co-host with other like minded groups occasionally such as the Tues Night Costumers, FIAAC, various Stich N Bitch groups, Ladies Sewing Circle and Terrorist Society, local photography groups or ArtKlub and the like for special events. We will also be look at targeted activities or special guests / events that may interest MC&AL members.. Suggested activities may include: Meet and Greets, Stash Exchanges, Biz Tips, Field Trips, Design Meetings, Special Guests, or Tech for Low Tech.... Suggestions welcome. All general MC & AL meetings are open to the public and are free of charge. Drop in donations to NOVA Labs for hosting are always welcome, see our tip jar! Special MC & AL events may have fees. Please ask for a tour of NOVA Labs, come to an Open House, and consider becoming a Member. Our Members keep the lights on and allow us to host events and group projects and have an active community of Makers!

  • GO: Green Orientation Sign Off

    *Nova Labs (Conference Room 2)


    An introduction to the community operations and policies our individual-centric and creative community works. Learn about our community operations and our policies. Get a roadmap to our sign off classes in each area. Learn where to connect with key people and how to participate in volunteering. Sign off: Green Orientation, use of green tools in the lab Prerequisites: Register at https://nova-labs.org/auth/register.html _____________________________________________________________________________ Do I need to take Green Orientation? GO is required only for those who plan to use the makerspace common areas, any tool without supervision, and/or wish to become a member. Can I take the sign off class before taking GO? Yes. The sooner you get started, the better you'll love it here. But if you have not had GO, do NOT use the tools! You have 30 days to take GO or you forfeit the sign off. Can I use a tool after my class without the GO sign off? NO! This is both a safety and a code of conduct violation. If the class is full, search https://www.nova-labs.org/events/ Keyword "Green" for the next class. If no spaces are available in upcoming classes, contact [masked] Events and Refund Policy: https://www.nova-labs.org/class-and-event-policies/