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What we’re about

NOVA Scribes is a free and open forum for visual practitioners to share their knowledge.
We are anyone who uses visuals to move others: consultants and facilitators who use visuals, graphic recorders, scribes, sketchnoters, and others!
We're all volunteers! Anyone who wants to can be an organizer or presenter. 

The proceeds from the events go to:
• the presenters, 
• charities that support the arts as a means of bridging people and communities such as the Whitethorne Foundation, which brings arts education to indigenous communities,
• honorariums for new graphic recorders to practice scribing our events, and 
• scholarships to bring new attendees to events like the IFVP conference.
We have organized classes, graphic jams, open spaces, and webinars to share skills and learn from each other.  We record our webinars for anyone to watch later, and if you're interested in presenting a topic, please let us know! We organize our events using the Meetup app. You can find us at
It's free to be a NOVA Scribes Member; please join us!

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