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NOVA Scribes is a free and open forum for visual practitioners to share their knowledge.
We are anyone who uses visuals to move others: consultants and facilitators who use visuals, graphic recorders, scribes, sketchnoters, and others!
We're all volunteers! Anyone who wants to can be an organizer or presenter. 

The proceeds from the events go to:
• the presenters, 
• charities that support the arts as a means of bridging people and communities such as the Whitethorne Foundation, which brings arts education to indigenous communities,
• honorariums for new graphic recorders to practice scribing our events, and 
• scholarships to bring new attendees to events like the IFVP conference.
We have organized classes, graphic jams, open spaces, and webinars to share skills and learn from each other.  We record our webinars for anyone to watch later, and if you're interested in presenting a topic, please let us know! We organize our events using the Meetup app. You can find us at www.meetup.com/NOVA-Scribes
It's free to be a NOVA Scribes Member; please join us!

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Visual Models of Leadership

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What does leadership look like?

Leadership has been defined a thousand different ways. And some of those ways have illustrated with visual models. Drawing from their backgrounds in coaching, organizational development, and leadership training, Nevada Lane, Rachel Thompson, Matteo Becchi, and Brian Tarallo will share their favorite visual models that define leadership.

We’ve curated a virtual gallery of visual models for you to explore. We’ll be your tour guides and your conservators or this exploration of leadership, made visual. A few (but not all!) of the models we’ll cover:

  • Co-active Training Institute‘s Co-active leadership model
  • Cameron & Quinn’s Competing Values Framework
  • Team Coaching International’s Team Diagnostic
  • Hersey & Blanchard’s Situational Leadership
  • Kouzes & Posner’s 5 Practices
  • The Johari Window

…and many others!

This workshop will be recorded and posted on YouTube for anyone who cannot attend. You can find the YouTube link in the Comments section of this NOVA Scribes Meetup event once the workshop video has been uploaded to YouTube.

If you are interested in graphic recording this workshop for a small honorarium, please reach out to [masked]. We are only accepting one graphic recorder: please let new practitioners have the experience if you are already an accomplished scribe. One scribe only please: first come, first served!

The proceeds from this event to the Whitethorne Foundation, which provides art education and scholarships to indigenous peoples.

IFVP Visual Thinking Global Summit in Bilbao, Spain and Online

Needs a location

PSA: The 2022 IFVP Visual Thinking Global Summit is happening July 27 - 30th in Bilbao, Spain, and online. Learn more and register here!

Early bird tickets are available until April 14th. Register for both onsite and online through the IFVP event website and not here in the Meetup event.

Let´s shake it to shape it! Our environment, businesses, lives, the whole ecosystem has been shaken. We don’t know yet the shape of the answers for the coming future, but we know it is already here! The summit will bring together people from around the world, exploring what is in the transformation towards the future, in generative conversations, connecting professionals and society promoting relations, using the visual language.

Bilbao 2022 Visual Thinking Global Summit will contribute to co-create a bridge connecting ideas and initiatives through visual language. Interweaving work with contributions of public and private sectors and using visual practices to develop and improve their own practices.


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Growing Your Visual Practice: Running a Business Workshop & Panel

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