What we're about

Is this group for you? Take this scientifically designed quiz and find out! True or false:

1. I love the culture that the DMV offers, but I sometimes wish that I had some company.

2. I have no idea what "DMV" means.

3. Mozart makes me squishy.

4. When I go out in bright sunlight, I can sometimes smell my flesh burning.

5. I'm sick of spending my Saturday nights shit-faced on Tallboys watching Naked and Afraid reruns.

6. I look positively spiffing in a hat of any kind.

Isn't science wonderful? If any of these statements is "true" for you, you, my friend, could be a sophisticate. So knock off the self-pity--your mom's right, it's really unattractive--double up on your SSRIs, and join us already!

We will visit museums, attend theater performances, watch films (or "movies" as some call them), listen to live music, and anything else we can think of. In no time at all, you'll be positively pointy-headed. Won't that be fun?

And after you join, please suggest a meetup! Just send the organizer an email or add your suggestion to the discussion thread (under "Discussions").

Past events (62)

National Chamber Players -- This time with a bit of jazz!

Episcopal High School

Kennedy Center: Madame Butterfly

Needs a location

Photography Exhibit At Glen Echo Park

Needs a location

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